Monday, February 8, 2010

An appeal to Muslims about Dr. Afia Siddiqi

An appeal to Muslims about Dr. Afia Siddiqui

Today a Manhattan jury found Afia Siddiqui guilty of all charges. Siddique is the Pakistani scientist accused of shooting at her US captors while in custody in Afghanistan. The defense team was counting on the lack of physical evidence against Siddiqui to lead to an acquittal.

My concern is what is floating on the net, “that she fought for Islam” that amounts to twisting the issue from Justice to “religious” one; I believe it is short-sighted and wrong. The issue is about justice, and it has been painful to read and watch the trial, rather the mis-trial and the apparent denial of justice to Dr. Afia Siddiqi.

I appeal to Muslim hallucinaters around the world to keep the issue to Justice otherwise, we will invoke the Neocons to cook up imaginary enemies and change the nature of the issue. It may cause further harm to Dr. Siddiqui’s appeal.

Our system of Justice and our Jury is fair, but we do make mistakes and the system is amenable to that and we need to have patience and honor it.

If you demonstrate, please do it peacefully and make an appeal to justice. Kindly avoid religious slogans, condemnations or other unproductive methods; you may harm the appeal for justice to Dr. Siddiqi by your demonstrations.

As Muslims please follow what the Prophet would have done; pray for the well being of Afia and appeal to the sense of Justice.

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  1. I am crushed to read this. Still, I sincerely have hope that one day, God-willing very soon she will receive a just trial. She has to.
    Praying for you Afia, and many like you...

  2. As Salamu Alaikum Mike,
    Allah swt with you in the way you present the honor of Islam and Muslims Ameen. Absolutely, USA has a better Justice System than anywhere else in the World. Above All...We must put our Trust in Allah Allah swt is knower of All Things. InshAllah Justice will be served on Earth as well as the Hereafter Ameen. May Allah swt make us all Humble and Pray for Justice for anyone who is unjustly wronged Ameen.
    UPF-Ambassador for Universal Peace...K.Al-Iman

  3. I assume you think a lack of forensics is stronger than the testimony of 9 witnesses. I did not watch every aspect of the trial but obviously the jury were able to accept the reasons for the missing forensics. Aafia's lack of co-operation did not help her in the trial. It may be that she was hoping the political pressure created by the protestors would have had better results.

  4. Doesn't putting a young photo of Dr. Siddiqui only help to stir the emotional sentiment and reactions you're asking be controlled?

    If finding the truth is our own responsibility where does one even start. It's media sensationalists and biased commentary on both sides.

    Trial seems to be a farce, agreed. But seems like there's a history of questionable behavior. If a murderer is sentenced to jail for the wrong crime, do we still protest?

  5. very nice article...we have to up this issue widespread to public, we can post to all and protest, we sue justice...

  6. she should get justice .