Sunday, November 23, 2008

Articles on Republicans

I have written a few of articles about my party; the Republican Party.
The following articles are about how we the Republicans have screwed it up, and how we can fix it. If you are the kind who are blindly loyal to the party and are intolerant to another point of view, then you are the sinker of the party. Please don't read this further. Thank you.
My loyalty is to America, its constitution and its democracy first, then the party. I wish the Republicans and Democrats take the same approach. Our Party leadership is arrogant beyond the point of no return; we need a change in leadership for the sake of having a strong opposition to ensure our democracy survives. We need a leadership that beleives in honoring and respecting every human life that God has created, we need the leadership that actively seeks co-existence on the planet. We cannot have peace and prosperity if we mess with others and we cannot be secure if we keep threatening the others. Republican party needs a overhaul.
There articles are in no particular sequence;

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  1. One perspective: I was a Muslim, raised in a Madrasse in Pakistan had little understanding of religion other than Islam (Koran) until I attended college in the West where I learned there were other possibilities in life. I converted to Christianity based on the knowledge and truth I found in the Bible and from historical evidence. You are an advocate for world peace as am I. I also agree with you that peace comes from knowledge and understanding and the exercise of free choice. Maybe if we opened the "Knowledge Warehouse" of the world, the "Internet", to everyone, we might gain harmony through Knowlege and Understanding or at least create the opportunity for same as we share ideas and possibilities. How can one strive to have peace with another if they don't have the same opportunity to explore all possibilities and come to mutual agreement? Strick adhearance to the Koran or any book of writings by man limits the chance of peaceful coexistance as it breeds an attitude of; "it's my way or no way". Fortunately the world is made up of people groups who enjoy the commonality of their beliefs and life styles. Problems exist when one group trys to impose their way on others.