Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Invocation at Carrollton City Council

Pluralism (inclusive) Prayers By Mike Ghouse
7:00 PM on Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let's reflect, wish and pray:

Dear God, creator of the universe, please accept our gratitude in every name we call upon you, be it Ishwar, Arihantas, Manito, Adonai, Allah, Mahavir, Buddha, Wahe Guru, Mother earth, Ahura Mazda, and in the name of Jesus.

Dear Creator of the universe, guide us do the right thing every moment of our life;

Dear Causer of life, guide us to open our hearts and minds to fellow beings;

Dear God,
Guide us the humility to respect your creation.
Guide us to shed the arrogance in us that we are superior,
Guide us to learn to respect and accept every which way one worships you.
Guide us to become conflict mitigaters
Guide us to become good will nurturers
Guide to us to create peace and prosperity to every one of us.
Guide us in creating cohesive societies with kindness and dignity to every one.
Guide our elected officials to work for peace and prosperity of our nation and our City.

Blessed are the peace Makers
God Bless America