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Mike Ghouse dialogues for Jon Stewart daily show

This is the most humorous way of communicating the issues, kudos to Jon Stewart for making it easy and driving the point home.


It appears that Jon Stewart's dialogue in this clip are identical to mine at least three of them, my write up was done a few days prior to Jon's show.

About Saudi ArabiaSome clips at this link :

Indeed, Newt calls the Saudi Regimes names, and I do too, but when he was in power, why did not he go build a church there, and maintain it at our tax payers funds?The Saudi Police has done harm in preventing people of other faiths from practicing their religion in open. I do condemn the Saudi government for that intrusion and I have written to their embassy and the condemnation is on the blog and groups; however, no one is barred from worshipping indoors. There was a Catholic and Mormon Service conducted every Sunday in Saudi Arabia that I know of. Norman Powell was the Mormon pastor from Houston (1977-1980)If Saudi is bad country, why does Newt want us to emulate them?

About Gingrich
I wrote in facing off with Newt Gingrich

There is no Church or a Synagogue in Saudi Arabia, simply because there is no indigenous Christian or Jewish populace out there to worship, those who work there are on a short term work permit. It is dumb to build a Church, and for whom? And let’s say if it were built, who is going to maintain and upkeep once the visitors have moved out, are they willing to pay for it or is it our Government? Should Government be in the business of building Churches?Indeed, Newt calls the Saudi Regimes names, and I do too, but when he was in power, why did not he go build a church there, and maintain it at our tax payers funds?

There is a lot more common between Michael Bloombergs speech, my Washington Post Article and Jon Stewart's dialogues

Mike Ghouse in Washington Post
Michael Bloomberg’s speech, several commonalities in my talking points with his
Mike Ghouse is a speaker on Islam and Pluralism offering pluralistic solutions to media and the publice on issues of the day. His work is found at 22 blogs and 3 websites listed at

References: About 32 Articles for and against are listed at this link

Some clips at this link :

Link to this posting -

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Ramadan Mubarak - Happy Ramadan

Muslims around the world will begin fasting from Wednesday, August 11, 2010 and for a whole month thereafter.

Thanks to Washington post, they will publish three articles on Ramadan; The Politics of Ramadan, The Rituals of Ramadan and the Spirit of Ramadan towards the third of Ramadan.
True fasting is self-purification; and from this, a rich inner life brings about values such as justice, generosity, patience, kindness, forgiveness, mercy and empathy - values that are indispensable for the success of the community.

Consciousness of behavior and vigilance over action are the most profound dimensions of fasting: the fasting of the heart focuses on the attachment to the divine. That is when Ramadan really becomes a source of peace and solace, just as Christmas goes beyond the rituals to bring forth kindness, charity and caring.

For fasting to be truly universal, its benefits must extend beyond the fraternal ties of Muslims and must extend to forging a common humanity with others. Fasting is meant to impart a sense of what it means to be truly human, and its universality is reflected by its observance in Bahai, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jain, Jewish, Sikh, Wiccan, Zoroastrian, other faiths and importantly the native traditions.

Mike Ghouse is a Speaker, Thinker and a Writer on Islam and Pluralism and is a frequent guest at Media offering pluralistic solutions to the issues of the day. His work is listed on 22 of his blogs and two websites listed at

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Quraan Burning Church and Solutions

Quraan Burning Church and Solutions

My response to Michael Zimmerman’s article about Quraan Burning at Huffington Post, my commentary and the article are here below.

Why The Quran-Burning Church Relies On Incendiary Verbiage And Outrageous Actions.


Indeed Huffington post published "Standing up for Jews, Gays and Catholics" at the following link.

Why should you stand up for others?

You may find answers in the above link inspired by Martin Niemoller's eternal poem about co-existence.

Jesus taught us how to co-exist in peace by removing prejudices and embracing every person that God has created -- not just the ones who act, eat and look like us, but those whom society had neglected. He embraced the then-socially-rejected prostitutes and lepers. Was that the limit of his compassion?

One of the gifts of Jesus (pbuh) was helping us create the kingdom of heaven on earth, where every one of God's creations lives in peace and love, without fear, and in unison with the cosmic universe. Can we follow Jesus and remove the fears and bring peace to all?

We hope Pastor Jones will seriously consider the following question and repent and ask for forgiveness from God and make a commitment not to malign Jesus (pubh) or God.

"Can Non-Christians around the world accuse Jesus for signing a special deal with God behind our backs? Who wants a Jesus or a God like that?

If we want a better world, we all have to stand up together for bringing goodness and love that Jesus taught. May God bless Pastor Jones with Jesus’ messages of love and kindness, Amen!

As Muslims we are taking the initiative to pledge and dedicate ourselves to the peace, security and prosperity of America on that very same day. It is all in the Unity day link If it did not fall on the same day and if some one could fund my trip, I would gather a minion of Muslims and pray on the street in front of the church for peace and good will, and will watch him burn the Quran and pray more.

That’s what Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did when the miscreants pelted rocks at him, instead of revenge, he prayed for their goodwill, even though angel Gabriel said he can take care of them boys, he chose the non-violent way of goodwill nurturing. Most Muslims follow the example of the prophet, as most Christians would not burn the Quraan; a few Muslims will do the wrong thing by threatening Pastor Jones, just as Terry Jones is mirroring them. But I will pray for Goodwill and indeed, if we hear that he burnt the Quraan. We will pray for his well being in the Unity Day.

Link -

Mike Ghouse, speaker, thinker and a writer on Islam and Pluralism offering pluralistic solutions to media and the public on issues of the day. His work is encapsulated in 22 blogs and 3 websites listed at

# # #

Dear Mike,
A church in Florida is planning to burn Qurans to commemorate 9/11 – and the language they’re using to justify their disgraceful event is frighteningly similar to the way creationists attack those who promote evolution. Take a look at how I address the situation in my new Huffington Post column here. ( If you’re so inclined, please post a comment and share the article with friends who might also be interested.

Michael Zimmerman

Why The Quran-Burning Church Relies On Incendiary Verbiage And Outrageous Actions.

Granted, given my efforts as the director of The Clergy Letter Project, a group dedicated to demonstrating that religion and modern evolutionary theory can comfortably coexist, I tend to see many things through the lens of evolution. Nonetheless, the latest despicable action proposed by the Dove World Outreach Center, ritual burning of Qurans on September 11, has many overtones similar to the way religious fanatics attack the science of evolution and those who promote evolutionary theory.

Terry Jones, senior pastor at Dove World Outreach Center, the person responsible for planning the book burning, has practiced Islamophobia for many years. He is, after all, the author of a book entitled Islam Is of the Devil, and he has posted a huge sign saying just that on the front lawn of the church.

As reprehensible as these actions are, they're not half as crazy as the explanation Jones offers for them. He claims that they are "a great act of love." Speaking specifically about the sign, he goes on to say, "It's an act of saying there is only one way, and that is actually what Christianity is about. It is about pointing the people in the right direction, and that right direction is Jesus and only Jesus. We feel the sign is an act of giving the people a chance."

Jones's sentiments bring to mind some of the inflammatory remarks of the Reverend T.T. Martin. Martin, the founder of the Anti-Evolution League, was the author of the anti-evolution screed Hell and the High School and, back in 1923, two years before the Scopes Trial, he said:
The German soldiers who killed Belgian and French children with poisoned candy were angels compared with the teachers and textbook writers who corrupted the souls of children with false teaching and thereby sentenced them to eternal death.

When Jones says that "there is only one way," he also sounds awfully much like what Ken Ham, president of the creationist group Answers in Genesis, had to say in his State of the Nation speech this year about the teaching of evolution in public schools (I won't even touch on the hubris Ham has to give an annual speech with that name):

From a biblical perspective we must understand something. The Bible says if you're not with me, you're against me. If you don't gather, you scatter, you walk in the light or you walk in darkness. There is no neutral position. You're either for or against. If the education system is not for Christ, it is what? Against, exactly. It is about time we woke up to this in this nation.
The Dove web site has a frightening page entitled "Ten Reasons to Burn a Koran" and the parallels with creationism abound. Reason three, for example, notes that Islam teaches paganism; similarly, Ken Ham, again in his State of the Nation speech, asserts that evolution is "the pagan religion of the age."

The Dove page also makes the bold claim that "the Koran is a lie." Similarly, Ham has published a book (The Lie: Evolution) making the same claim about evolution.

When Jones and his followers attack Islam and when Ham and his disciples attack evolution, they are doing so with the certainty that their way is the only way, that they are saving souls, and that all they need to know can be found in the Bible. In fact, regardless of their language, they are demonstrating the basest type of intolerance. They are unwilling to respect any person who has a different worldview and they use incendiary verbiage and outrageous actions to rally supporters to their cause.

Together, we must condemn the crass intolerance demonstrated by Terry Jones. And, because his intolerance is of the same sort practiced by the creationists, we must condemn those practices as well.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque articles

We have to respect and honor the sentiments of every one who was a victim of terrorism and their friends and relatives who have suffered through this.

The Ground Zero Mosque is engaging the American Public and bringing out emotions and intellectualism to the forefront to tackle the issue of co-existence. The questions abound; what is freedom of religion, what is first amendment, what kind of nation are we, do we want to emulate the very nations we condemn or should we lead the world and set the standards for co-existence. What does it take to build orderly societies? What does it take for you, me and others to feel safe and live in peace?

We have to consciously create institutions and systems that would become a catalyst to a positive change and bring about cohesive functioning of the society. It is our duty to keep law and order and faithfully guard the safety of every citizen.

This issue is engaging the American Public, both for and against, and as a Pluralist who believes in co-existence is the way for sustaining harmony, I will save the links of articles that come across my knowledge as a reference for the researchers.

In behalf of the men and women who have lost their loved ones, a few are genuinely opposing the building of the communtiy Center, a few are Altruistic and want the center to stand out as a beaocon of hope and peace and yet a few are falling prey to the political opportunists. At the end, if we envision an America that is good for all, we have to consider dropping the “me, me, and me” and yeild to what is good for America, the land of the free.

While the tragedy will never fade from our memories, we have to consider the political opportunists who are opposing the Muslim Center near Ground Zero? The revelations are as clear as the day light, the right wing politicians have gone berserk and hanging on to tiny branches to save their political careers, and it is an abuse of Patriotism to have political gains.

If you have surfed through the internet, you might reasonably conclude that the ones opposing are the right wing Republicans like Palin, Gingrich, Paladino, Corker, Tancredo, Rowe, McCain and others. They continue to fall in the abyss of ignorance and are out of touch with the American public. The pied piper Limbaugh had led them once and his cooked up support will blind them again.

Until they come up with concrete alternative solutions for the difficulties our nation is facing, they will continue to hang on to anything they "perceive" will save them. The American public does not like divisive politics and I hope they understand and honor it, and become conflict mitigaters and goodwill nurturers.

If Saudi is a bad country, why do we want to emulate them? Should some one point their fingers and say the same things about us, we say to the tin pot dictators and fascist regimes?

To ban any Muslim presence from the neighborhood because of the actions of 19 terrorists is to fall into the same flawed ideology of the terrorist who label all Americans as evil.

America has led the world in Science, technology, innovation and has remained a beacon of morality and a defender of human rights. Our constitution is an exemplary document of democracy and now the time has come to lead the world in Pluralism and co-existence.

We have to be a model to other nations. The other nations need to look up to us and not the other way around. We need to set higher standards of civility and NOT stoop down to the level of Talibans or some dictators and monarchs around the world. If we want other nations to behave, we need to lead the way. We need to stand tall and on a moral high ground and be an example of morality and civility to the world.

This is the very reason we need to support the Mosque to show to the world what freedom of religion means: to demonstrate our spirit of liberty and set an example of how a nation treats its minorities.

Bin Laden pulled two of our symbolic buildings down and murdered nearly 3000 Americans; He is still at large. We need to find this criminal and punish him instead of creating a deficit and ruining our economy with the war. Bin Laden is the most hated guy for American Muslims than anyone else; he has provoked prejudice towards Muslims and has made their lives miserable.

The right wingers on the other hand will pull all of us Americans down from the moral high grounds we have held for nearly a century and sink us in bigotry. We have stood up for the Holocaust survivors, the refugees and the oppressed people in Bosnia and elsewhere in the world.

Mike Ghouse is a speaker on Pluralism and Islam offering pluralistic solutions to the issues of the day, in this case, at least another point of view for us to be fair and human. He is a frequent guest of the Media and his work is encapsulated in 22 Blogs and 3 Websites listed at

Both views are presented here in these links;

I urge you to take the time to read some of the articles offering historic perspective.

  1. Mike Ghouse in Washington Post
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Ground Zero Mosque Sean Hannity Radio Show & Mike Ghouse

Mike Ghouse on Hannity Radio Show about Mosque

Here is a quick report about my talk on Hannity Radio show with Brigitte Gabriel and Hannity. The talk was to be the Mosque near ground zero, they had a different agenda. Brigitte has memorized some cooked up stuff, she recites the exact same words every time I have been with her. I made at least three attempts to drag them back to the topic, but they were attacking someone else and associating it with the Mosque. My talking points are listed below and I was able to get a few out.

I did make my points by telling Brigitte: