Tuesday, January 5, 2010

War is wrong, we can still salvage America


If we had supported the anti-war movement with Cindy Sheehan and Mike Moore long time ago, we would not have seen the ravages of financial disaster, bankruptcies and joblessness we are facing now due to war.

It was fashionable for the bullies to put down these folks, but doing so, they have brought disaster on us.

Throughout the human history a few have duped the majority by creating fake reasons to go war. They knew it is wrong but their greed for money and power was overpowering their own morality.

The only ones that suffer are the general public; in this case we the Americans, the Iraqis and Afghanistanis, the causers of war are sitting pretty with their secure wealth.

We need to wake up and oppose wars, if not we end up losing both morally and financially.
Obama needs to come to his senses, there is no justification for war or killing, particularly the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Respectfully, we need to bow out, they can take care of it themselves, it is sheer arrogance to believe that we have to baby sit them. They all have endured the Butchers from 12th century down till now. We are creating more mess for them and us.

Let's get the hell out of there, let's leave them alone.
Here is an you tube from a soldier who has been there


- War is a tool of the weak incapable of dialogue.
- War mongers are usually powerful
- War mongers are too eager to kill than dialouge
- War is justifiable to defend ourselves and not to kill others ... See More
- War was need to stop Hitler from killing, he was maniac
- War brings disaster to all.
- War mongers themselves would never be on front line
- War mongers are real cowards, they use others
- War is dumb, for one man, you destroy the nations?
- War is dumb, we are payingthe price.
- War should be the last resort to save lives


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