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July 2010
Moderate Republicans need to speak up
Unity Day USA - a 911 Memorial Event
Themes for the Parliament of Worlds Religions in 2...
Mosque at Ground Zero religious freedom too far?
Bottom line prayers-wishes
Standing up for Jews, Gays and Mexicans, why shoul...
FOX TV, Sean Hannity and Mike Ghouse about NASA to...
July 4th - what does freedom mean to you?
Sharia Laws in America
My Own Private India

June 2010
Burqa Ban – Hannity, Gabrielle and Ghouse on Fox T...
Happy Fathers, Daughters and Sons day
Mike Ghouse Profile
Helen Thomas under fire for comment on Jews
Memorial day reflections
Gaza Flotilla, Israel and your voice

May 2010
interfaith, intra-faith, pluralism, religion & spi...
Mosque Madness
Ghouse, Geller on Fox's Hannity show
Pakistani Americans declare war on terrorism
TODAY IS NATIONAL PRAYER DAY Let’s pray, reflect o...
National Prayer Day happenings on Thursday
Ghouse speaks at Dallas Mega March 2010

April 2010
Dallas Immigration Rally
Driving While Amused
South Park incident with a Muslim
Hannity, Fox, Graham, police & Mt. Vernon
Documentary on War and Peace
Honoring Imam Dr. Yusuf Zia Kavakci today

March 2010
Health Care Reform Winners and Losers
3000 THANKS; What are you most likely to say?
A tribute to Elliott Dlin
Religious Conversions or Recruitment

February 2010
Indian American for Texas State legislature
The Smearing of Rashad Hussain
Program at SMU to explore Texas Holocaust and Geno...
Goofy Clinton avoided nuke question
A tribute to Bishop Larry McGriff
Pictorial Report - Holocaust and Genocides
American Left and right united
Carrollton Quilt 2010 representing Carrolltonians
Obama names Indian-American Muslim as special envo...
Valentines Day taking on universal meaning
Bad Fatwa by Muslim-American body against airport ...
Native American Heritage Day - corrospondence
Petition for Native American Heritage Day
An appeal to Muslims about Dr. Afia Siddiqi
Congress Murtha, An American Hero dies

January 2010
Mother is Mother
Are you a perfectionist?
PRESS RELEASE Contact: Mike Ghouse (
Haiti and Earthquake
Haiti - Faith in Action
Free to criticize religions but not with hate
War is wrong, we can still salvage America
Political Linguistics in America

December 2009
The Gaza March
AVATAR - A movie about Harmony
A tribute to Jesus
Mike Ghouse on National Public Radio
Journal of Pluralism - 12/20/09
Copenhagen is about Climate Justice
Happy Hanukkah
Obama's Blunder on War

November 2009
Mike Ghouse to Speak at Parliament of Worlds Relig...
Thanksgiving, an expression of gratitude.
Fort Hood – Allahu Akbar
Fort hood - Is it individual or the religion
Fort Hood Tragedy

October 2009
Good for nothing Republicans
Tackling Terrorism
Iran's Ahmadinejad may have Jewish past

September 2009
Happy Rosh Hashanah, Ramadan, Navaratri
Mike Ghouse dedicates this day 9/11 to America
Experience an awesome event this Sunday

August 2009
Washington post on Ramadan
10 Awesome things if Health reform passes
Obama's Portsmouth Townhall
Five Health Care Reform Lies
Republicans you had better wake up
Arlington bans hate group

July 2009
Confidence in Obama Lifts U.S. Image
Confronting Genocides
Thanks Obama for fixing Goofy Biden
Israel and Saudi Cohorts now?
Happy July 4th

June 2009
Democratic Faiths
Obama the all rounder and Urdu
Time for a Common Vision?
Essence of God and Religion
Analyzing Obama Speech - CSID
Muslims Condemn display of hate at Holocaust Museu...
OBAMA : Uri Avnery on Cairo speech
OBAMA : Essence of Cairo speech
OBAMA : Huffington Post
OBAMA : Cairo speech
Harsh Turn against Israel
Muslims in America not for domination
Dumb Republicans

May 2009
Face book; an experiment in pluralistic democracy
Israel and Iran Conflict
That Jew - American Muslims Condemn Bigotry

April 2009
A Giant Leap for Pakistan
Mike Ghouse Honored by RCC
Mike Ghouse Honored
Can US Pressure Israel?

March 2009 (2)

One Nation Under No God?
Muslim Response to Lies about Qur'aan

February 2009 (7)

Obama the Macho Man
Saudi Arabia; A change is in the making
Does Qur'aan incite Violence - II
Is Qur'aan perfect?
Evolutionary Creation - 2009 Evolution Week
Neocon Campaign to Crush Obama
Obama's initiatives & Hurdles

January 2009 (9)

Obama and Ghouse
Friedman on Israel Elections
Cambridge defies Gaza Assaults
Hope for Peace in ME
PR - II Annual Reflections on Holocaust and Genoc...
HR 34 : Are we pleasing the lobbyists or the peopl...
Obamamobile - Cadillac One
Saving life, Saving Gaza

December 2008 (9)

Happy New Year : New way to look at it.
They are neither Jews nor Muslims but evil men
Gaza Solutions
Mr. Bush, let the time run out
The Essence of Eid-al-Adha - A Muslim Festival on ...
Scream Bloody Murder, reflections on Holocaust and...
Pakistan to pay a heavy price
December 2008 Festivals
Honoring Rabbi Gavriel & Mrs. Holtzberg

November (20)

Celebration of the life of America’s Imam
Peace Prayers - Terrorism attacks on Mumbai
Essence of thanksgiving
Obama Foreign Policy who's who
Articles on Republicans
Obama Articles by Mike Ghouse
Muslims Beware, Kaaba and wikipedia blunder
Obama you should not have teased that dog.
What is home made?
Is there a future for Multiculturism?
Arab News : An Open letter to Obama
Obama's Fascinating Interview on Faith
Election Humor, enjoy it.
The Monster Among us
Republicans, a ship of fools
Suspected Fascists in Obama Administration
Rebuilding our nation; end of an era of extremism
President Obama choked me with tears
A-Z Singers of America
50 State Flowers

October 2008 (7)

Happy Diwali - the festival of lights
Saving the Republican Party
Joel Osteen; A life changing Message
Terrorist Barack Hussein Obama
Columbus day-Overseas trade-religion-spices-greed
Republicans, please put America first
Should Obama attack McCain?

September 2008 (9)

Ramadan - Rosh Hashanah - Navaratri
Hindu fundamentalists are under attack
Searching for Love, the internet way
Indian National Anthem as the best song
If the world were to vote in US elections
Déjà Vu in Dallas - Neocon folly again
The Spirit, rituals and politics of Ramadan
Women Who Soar - MaryAnn Thompson-Frenk
Republican Obession with Terrorism

August 2008 (7)

Are you still a Republican?
Peace is the result of Justice
Michelle Obama speaks to the Nation
Obama Religious Advisor
All Articles list
China wrestles with opposing identities
Carrollton Immigration issues

July 2008 (5)

Life is a poem of love
Would McCain start WWIV
Divisive words - Pro Israel or Palestine
Americans are religiously tolerant
Religion and One God

June 2008 (1)

Celebration of the Spirit of Volunteerism.

May 2008 (5)

A profile of Najma Ghouse
God's Grace for Najma Ghouse
Diplomacy: Home v. Abroad
Clinton stoking anti-semitism
The road not taken

April 2008 (20)

Carter Peace initiatives
Praying Passenger Removed
American Muslims & the Pope
Illusions of an Islamic State
Book on Hinduism for Kids
The irony of intolerance
Pope Benedict Visits America
Ten Commandments monument
God's Sake - Khuda Ke Liye
Church and the State
Protesting Pope's Visit
Tibet - Uri Avnery
Moyers: Ridenhour Prize
Everywhich way Jesus
Freedom to be vulgur?
Police Video on Diversity
Radio Salaam Namaste
Mike Ghouse in Asian Texans
The Person of Jesus

March 2008 (16)

John McCain
Pope Benedict
Fitna, Wilders & Quraan
Honoring Cesar Chavez
Democracy a natural state?
Israel & India: New Allies
Bush world is round
Women in Hijab
Bloodbath in Jerusalem
ABC News expose' on Bigotry
Terrorism is anti-Islamic
Gender Equality Now
Yes we can, Peace in Gaza
Prayers in Carrollton
Petition for Fawza Falih
Islam and competing in good

February 2008 (17)

Obama : The shepherd
Obama - The Power of Words
Muslim envoy to OIC
Obama - Safety issues
End to the Siege of Gaza
Nationalism, American Style
Open-Armed Policy Cuba
Obama rally in Carrollton
Progress in Pakistan.
Pakistan - time for action
Democrats' Choice: Obama
Obama preaching hope
Executing Terrorists
Texas : Adopting Shariah
Will John McCain Apologize?
Gandhi and the Jews
Politics divides religions

January 2008 (7)

Reflections on Holocaust
Muslim response to Wilders
Bush-Lite McCain
Bush's Middle East Hopes
Bush Middle East tour
Did Senator McCain Betray?
America Bragging

2007 Below:

December (7)

Happiness for Sale
Republican or Democratic?
Reform or Understand Islam?
Barking Neocons & Iran
Bush Rove Cheney Troika
Fix the President now
Our Moral standing

November (6)

What is Thanksgiving?
Peace: Israel-Palestine I
Foundationless Castles
Pakistan : Breaking the cycle
Impeach VP Cheney?
VP Cheney to be impeached?

October (6)

America, we are proud of you
Say no to intolerance
Understanding Islam
Mahatma Gandhi Today
Ahmedinejad V Bollinger
The Indian Lobby's Future

September (6)

9/11 is over – NY Times
Nostalgia : The Old Phone
Israel Lobby & democracy
Festivals of September
Does God have a religion?
Unity Day USA A 9/11 Event

August (6)

Karma & the Israel Lobby
Sikhs and Homeland Security
God's Warriors - You Tube
Congressman Tom Tancredo
Indian Muslims Visiting Israel
Muslims demand an apology

July (15)

Good for nothing majority
Unityday USA - 911
A Woman President for India
Understanding Judaism
I could kill George Bush
Resolving Kashmir dispute
HH Aga Khan & 50 Years
Betty Williams and the Truth
Hindu Prayers open US Senate
Muslims Condemn London Plot
Eboo Patel on Pluralism
Burqa to no Burqa
Emerson, Pipes and Peace
Dallas: Holyland Dialogue
Happy 4th from USA today

June (18)

The Extremists amongst us
Shimon Peres and Arab News
Indian oversight, let's fix it.
Cumbered American Media
American Media is not Free
The American Dilemma
Jewish News: Suicide attacks
Occupation, not Islam, ‘drives suicide attacks’ By...
Congressional hypocricy.
Rabbi's on Israeli occupation
Israeli - Palestinian conflict
Al-Qaida threats against India
Beyond Bush - Fareed Zakaria
The Myth of the Free Press
Is Freedom of Press a myth?
Republicans are waking up
Journalistic Conduct
Gas fraud in Dallas/ FW

May (25)

Wake up call to Muslims
Yoga, the refresh button.
Patriotism - Ron Paul
Ron Paul for President 2008
Dangers of Global domination
Islam, Sword & Propaganda
Republicans are screwed
Farewell to Falwell.
Romney - the right instincts
John McCain - Need answers!
Jerusalem for Capital?
Imperialism in 1857 & 2007
Farmers Branch, anti-Federal
Dallas Elections - 2007
Mickey Mouse & Hamas TV
Dallas Mayoral Candidate 08
Brutalized Hindu Brides
Laser Barking at Terrorists
Dallas Demographic Data
A Reason for Hope - Raskin
News for May 7, 2007
Balanced writings on Prophet
Dying for religion or Politics?
Prayers for our President.
Is there one Islam?

April (28)

Rudy Giuliani
Workshop on Hinduism
Mr. Bush, please resign
Moderate Muslims
Mapping Sharia in America
Extinguishing Hoaxes
Yom Milaad Celebrations
Yom HaShoah - Remembrance
Cho Seung-Hui - VT Massacre
Richardson Candidates Forum
Yom HaShoah & Yom Milaad
Virginia Tech Massacre
Symposium - One Islam?
Imus Spark put out.
American Cricket
Cricket - Billion dollar Sports
Sikh Veteran Assualted
Religion Aside
Supporting Senator Shapiro
Understanding Religion
Creativity in Education
Abuse of Indian children
Moderates stepping up
Trouble with Islam-Challenged
Regime Change: USA
Clash of Trivilizations
Went Blank
Bush, Blair & Ahmedinejad trial

March (29)

Farmers Branch goes nuts
Jewish community honored
CAIR, Muslims & AIFD
Obama : Faith & Politics
Obama: Next President?
Obama: the right choice
CAIR - No Law suit please
Fatwa Condemned - Taslima
Wife Beating: Jamil/Ghouse
Woman re-interprets Qur’aan
Facts don't matter
Question of Jewish Survival
Martin Luther King Honored
Israel, Palestine and Bush
Bush responsible for deaths?
Gov. Perry’s insensitivity
Republicans paid a price
Minnesota Taxi Passengers
Holocaust Remembrance 2007
Laser Barking - Blind barking
Blind War on Terror
Krauthammer - the sycophant
Why they Deny Holocaust?
Prayer in the City Hall
Muslim support for terror
Dealing with the Extremists
A community is a bus

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