Sunday, May 13, 2007

Farmers Branch, anti-Federal

Farmers Branch's anti-immigration
Letter to Dallas Morning News, 7:00 AM, May 13

I am concerned about passing of the Farmers Branch Immigration Laws. I am against illegal immigration, but I am not in favor of City States, this is a dangerous precedent, is the next thing to have their own Military? Is Farmer's Branch representative of a typical American City or is it an anomaly? The neo-cons are getting thrown out for their extreme positions every where, this is jolting news.

I do hope in the interest of peaceful co-existence in local communities, we need to fight this out. Let there not be any vigilantism. It is a bad stain on our Metroplex. Let the immigration be handled by the Federal Government and l I know that a majority of the Americans would not go for it, it is transgression of Federal government. Where are our congressman on this issue?

A Message Unread: Farmers Branch vote is a pointless sideshow

06:55 AM CDT on Monday, May 7, 2007

Of all the wasted energy put into the Farmers Branch immigration debate, perhaps none is misspent more than in the argument over legal fees.

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Whether it's one side's "hundreds of thousands" or the other side's "hundreds of thousands," it will be hundreds of thousands more than any other city in North Texas, because Farmers Branch stands alone in pursuing a ban on renting to illegal immigrants.

Legal costs for lawsuits are just the start. Enforcing this pointless law wouldn't be cheap, if even possible. And, of course, there is the opportunity cost. What could Farmers Branch do with the time and energy its staff and citizens are pouring into the immigration debate?

And all of this for what?

Well, say supporters, to send a message! To lead the charge! As if Congress needs a message from Farmers Branch, Texas, to realize that we have a national immigration mess. Besides, what happens if you charge into battle and no one follows? You gain battle wounds for nothing.

Perhaps that's why the overwhelming majority of people seeking city council seats across North Texas have no intention of following Farmers Branch up this hill. Of the 91 candidates who directly answered our immigration question on our Candidate Quiz, only four from outside Farmers Branch said they would like to see their city take on this federal issue.

So no matter what happens to Ordinance 2903 at the polls Saturday in Farmers Branch, rest assured that pretty close to every other local leader understands that immigration is a federal problem that should be resolved at the federal level, by an elected Congress.

They just aren't as loud as those who look in the wrong places for unworkable, feel-good answers.

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