Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dallas Mayoral Candidate 08

Meet the candidates for Dallas mayor

12:33 PM CDT on Thursday, March 29, 2007

The following candidates have registered with the city secretary's office to run for Dallas mayor:

John Cappello
Sam Coats
Jennifer Gale
Gary Griffith
Roger Herrera
Don Hill
Darrell Jordan
Tom Leppert
Ed Oakley
Edward Okpa
Max Wells
Dave Levinthal

John Cappello

John Cappello Age: 50
Profession: West Dallas Chamber of Commerce president, businessman

Campaign platform: Improve public safety, foster economic development, enhance city planning services, improve the quality of life in Dallas neighborhoods

Strengths: May appeal to many voters in West Dallas - a neighborhood that is often forgotten as politicos focus on and talk about the city's northern and southern sectors. Ties to the business community could help his fundraising.

Challenges: Money: He doesn't have much of it. Name recognition: He's unknown to most voters. Without one, it's hard to get the other.

Did you know: He lives in Dallas, but not Dallas County – he's a Collin County resident.


Sam Coats
03:18 PM CDT on Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sam Coats
Age: 66
Profession: Former airline and restaurant executive, former state representative
Campaign platform: Fight crime, improve Dallas' business climate, improve relations among City Council members
Strengths: Wide-ranging business and political experience, from a term in the Texas Legislature to running the Schlotzsky's restaurant chain during its corporate reorganization. Surprisingly strong fundraising numbers after a relatively late entry into the race.
Challenges: Not well-known among most Dallasites. Could have trouble getting message out in a field so large.
Did you know: He has completed five marathons, including the New York City Marathon three times.


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