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President Obama Articles since 2008

With Cheers and Jeers, I have written over 40 pieces on President Obama since 2008 through now, there are few more, and I have to search them.  I held two rallies for Obama in 2008.  As you can see, I have been on a roller coaster with him, finally have chosen to go with him for 2012, after giving ample time and deliberations on Romney. 

Cheers for Obama:

He is inclusive and has a pluralistic vision for America, indeed, I could write speeches for him, as I have monitored his speeches and my writings in 2008-2009, he nearly spoke the same thoughts and words that I had written earlier. I relate with him, we both are inclusive and have a view of a cohesive world and a cohesive America where no one has to fear the other. Hell, I was even considered to be one of  his special envoys to the OIC, I wish it had gone through even as a deputy, I would have initiated a positive change in Middle East with recognition of Israel, security to Israel, justice to Palestinians and saving our dollars with peace. This is a must and I am committed to do my share of work as an individual.

Obama is my mentor in Pluralism, yet, I would have dumped him for Romney, if he were good for America, after due deliberations, I decided to go with Obama on Saturday, August 25, 2012. The catalyst was the false propaganda movie 2016 Obama's America, and I have written about it. 

Jeers for Obama:

1. He should have listened to Bill Clinton when the budget battle went on, he was too consultative and did not bully it out causing credit downgrade, of course, it was the Republicans, but he could have pushed it instead of pussy footing it.

2. He blew an opportunity to bring eternal security to Israel by recognizing Palestinian statehood, he messed it up badly with 2012 on his mind, I will not forgive him on that, and all the sane Jews and sane Palestinians would not either. Read the whole story.

3. His priorities were goofed up, he should have focused on the Job creation first and then on health reforms, I am supportive of health reforms, there is a full article about it. But he screwed up a successful system, not to worry about it; the health reform is here to stay.  We need a healthy America; it is as much a priority of nation as a secure America.  The tall and deceptive claim by Romney that he will repeal Obama care on day one is ludicrous, who is he bullshitting? Would an average American let that go? That is not how systems work.

4. When Republicans messed with Payroll tax deduct extension and the budget battle in 2011, he should have gone to the public, like Reagan had done, Republicans were wrong, but he did not pressurize them, they did come around, after going through shenanigans.

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