Friday, April 30, 2010

Dallas Immigration Rally

We have a moral responsibility to stand up for Justice and human rights of others. Please do your share of good, for all the good you have received from this nation, the nation that stands for liberty and Justice, you have to bring a balance in your own life by giving your time to defend the rights of the ones who need to be defended.

Join us for the Mega March on Saturday (details below). If you cannot stand up for the rights of others, why should any one stand up for you?

Today, Friday, April 30, Clergy from different faith traditions joined in to express solidarity with the un-documented immigrants. The leadership in Dallas led by Domingo and Elba Garcia and Carlos Quintanilla are taking the issue to the streets tomorrow to protest the unjust immigration law passed by Arizona.

I wish I could share the beautiful sentiments expressed by so many ministers, however, I am pleased to share my thoughts and a small prayer.

Dear God:

- We are gathered here to seek your guidance; help us do the right thing.
- Help us open our hearts and minds to fellow beings;
- we believe we are one nation under God with liberty and justice to all, help us practice it.
- Give us the humility to respect your will,
- Help us embrace each one of the 7 billion of us without any distinction;
- Each one of us is capable of working toward the kingdom of heaven, help us achieve it;

I am here today because a lady by the name of Rosa Parks stood up for her rights and her right to be treated with dignity.

I am standing here today as an immigrant because Rev. Martin Luther King gave up his life to bring civil and human rights to America, it was this singular act that caused all of us to be here in America to enrich our nation. Dr. King lifted us from the burden of guilt of inhumanity that would have eaten and rotted the psyche of our nation. We are born to be just, we are conditioned to be just and we have to gaurd ourselves from straying from justice.

Please remember Jesus, Krishna, Muhammad, Gandhi, MLK, Moses.... and all those great guys were harassed and persecuted when they set out to do good for the humanity. You will be no exception if you are involved. The good news is when people see the long term sustainable good it brings by uniting us all, even those who are against the comprehensive immigration reforms will see the value in doing the right thing.

Now we have a moral responsibility to stand up for Justice and human rights. Please do your share of good, for all the good you have received from this nation, one nation America, with liberty and Justice for all. Bring a balance in your life by giving your time.

Please join us for the mega March in down town Dallas on Saturday, at 1:00 PM
Join us at the Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe Saturday, May 1st @ 1pm on Ross Avenue in Dallas.
Acompáñanos en la Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe

Then I shared my Religious greetings from ten different faiths.
I will be speaking again tomorrow at 1:00 PM

Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker, writer and an activist of Pluralism, Justice, Islam, India and Civil Societies. He is a conflict mitigater and a goodwill nurturer offering pluralistic solutions to issues of the day.

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  1. shersuleman@gmail.comApril 30, 2010 at 3:48 PM

    Yes, Mike Ghouse: that's a great and level-headed call that should beckon all Americans but also arouse supportive sentiments all over the world. This should be particularly so where the dark night of abysmal and loathesome exploitation of humanity casts its long shadows and it's groans and sobs can't even be heard!
    Bless you, Man and may many more hearken to call from all corners of yoyr great Nation: Sher Suleman

  2. Mike:

    Let us open all the borders of USA and allow the world in to USA offer Visa waiver; I bet, you must be thinking like this.

    In India, there are about 4 crore illegal immigrant and cost of deporting 1 illegal immigrant is around 4 Lakhs.

    What happened when President Regan offered amnesty ?. The Mexicans became Citizens and tried to pull their relatives to USA, clogged the Family basedd Visa queue of deserving people, which came through legal route. i.e. a Manoj Padhi's father can't get GC because the queue is suddened clogged by thousands of Mexicans.

    Now, you are talking about amnesty to 10 million more people, who will pull their relatives under family category visa, as soon as they become citizen. Their road map as per CIR bill is 7 years where as it takes 10 to 15 for legal immigrants.

    When is the end ? A country, which decided to allocate only 3,60,000 immigrant VISAs/year to highly educated or skilled workers is being advised by Liberals to give amnesty to 10 million illegals, who were not supposed to be here in first place.

    When unemployment is 10%, such cheap labor is not required. Also, why would the Latino citizens would be lobbying for their illegal friends ?

    You fail to recognize:

    •First illegals broke the law
    •second - they are demanding a path to citizenship, as is it is their right.
    You are a good man with a kind heart. I appreciate but, laws and 3,60,000 immigrant VISAs/year are there for a reason. We have had enough brotherhood feelings from US Muslims resulting sympathy for Hamas, Hezbollah. We don't need any more sympthay for any other brotherhood.

    Perhaps, you don't know, the Green Card back log is so huge that people are waitiing since 10 years for a GC and have to wait few more years.

    Like Bangladesh and Pakistan can't demand India to Change its immigration law, so is Mexico.

    BTW, are you aware of the fact that there are about 0.5 million illegals in Arizona and there were frequest home break-in incidents ? How would you feel, if your home is burgled by an illegal ?


  3. Manoj;

    I want to understand the context and meaning of the term “deserving people”. And the “VISAs/year to highly educated” amounts to discrimination toward non-educated, is it not? The essence of a democracy is that, all men are created equal.

  4. Good, hope someone listens to the plight of the Legal immigrants too.

    India based EB3 & Eb2 categories have been stagnant for ages, current running dates are Oct 2001 & Feb 2005 respectively.... that is ones who applied for Immigrant visa on or after Oct 2001 in EB3 category are still waiting.

    If anyone needs more info please check....

    Most of the people in the Employment category came legally and are waiting... some of them are separated because of dependents don't have Green card and they are waiting while the main applicant got it, people fore-go promotions and typically don't buy homes and make other investments in US because of the uncertainty of status in US.

    Indian people who came 10 yrs and before are influential and can help highlight our problems, but since it (immigration status) doesn't bother them anymore they don't take this matter up on behalf of the newer generation like me coming from India.

    I'm not a eloquent writer so i'm cutting it short, but i guess i have thrown enough pointers around...

    So Mike, will you organize a rally for us?


  5. Veeren, I feel the pain and anguish of people whose families are separated. This needs to be addressed. I hope you can organize a rally and I will be happy to support your efforts.

  6. Good job Mike!

    The new immigration law in Arizona reminds me of pre 1960 era when Afro Americans had to fight for equal rights. This new law in Arizona discriminates against all brown or dark colored people (irrespective of their legal status). Everyone is a police target. Any non-white person will be scared to walk outside his house, in Arizona, without carrying his status papers. A ten year old kid playing in a park can be picked up just because he is brown and does not have status papers on him. This law is also improper as only federal government has the jurisdiction to make and impose immigration laws.

    Iqbal Kazmi

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