Thursday, December 4, 2008

Honoring Rabbi Gavriel & Mrs. Holtzberg

Honoring Rabbi Gavriel & Mrs. Holtzberg of Chabad of MumbaiShare


Honoring the memory of Rabbi Gavriel & Mrs. Rivkah Holtzberg
Chabad- Lubavitch, Mumbai, India
Along with all the victims of the Mumbai terrorists attacks

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Chabad of DFW and the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas

Video Presentation – Light
Psalm 23/ Prayer for peace – Rabbi Howard Wolk
Jewish Federation – Mrs. Carol Aaron
Memorial Candle – Rabbi Asher Goldschmidt -Mr. Raymond Abraham, Indian-American
Memorial Service- Chazzan Itzhak Zhrebekr
Soul Strings – Musical prayer - Rabbi Zvi Drizin
Key Note – Our reponse - Rabbi Mendel Dubrawsky

I am pleased to have joined the Jewish community of Dallas honoring the memory of Rabbi Gavriel and Mrs. Rivah Holtzberg at Chabad of DFW. It was good to see several friends there, including some of Indian Jews like Nik Mehta, Raymond Abraham and others.

The Musical prayer was touching, as it was sung by the congregation with flute played by Rabbi Zvi Drizin.

I listened to the key note intently, as it echoed my own sentiments to do the best we can in working for a better world.

I hope each one of us, reading this can make an effort to be part of the sorrow and joy of the people regardless of their religion, race or ethnicity. It opens your heart and mind, the very purpose of the religion one follows.

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