Tuesday, November 4, 2008

President Obama choked me with tears

I was listening to NPR this morning and around 7:20 some one said that he drove quite a distance to South Carolina to witness history in making; listening to Obama on the eve of the Election Day.

I choked and I felt the tears in my eyes, the tears of Joy, I was happy to think of the prospect of America becoming a great nation once again, in those few bare seconds I was imagining prosperity knocking on every American door fulfilling the dream of millions of Americans with a Job, health and education for their children.

A sense of safety permeated through my body, getting the chills to know in a few hours the Obama presidency would be a reality. America once again will be a strong, healthy and a prosperous nation.

I was still groping to understand my feelings of joy; some one came back on NPR and said it was like “birthing”. Wow! That was my feeling, when my son Jeff and daughter Jazzie were born; holding them in my hands moments after they were born was very joyous feeling. Then a chain of events passed through my eyes, I was still driving.

I remember that very same choking when Nelson Mandela was released from Prison, as a proud Immigrant American, I cherish freedom above everything else in my life. I felt the same in November 2006 when the public rejected and purged the extremists members of my good old Republican party.

I know everything is going to be alright.

Our Nation will become the strongest nation in the world under Obama administration, our strength would come from not kicking the beehive to gather honey, when we threaten to bomb other nations, our security is compromised, the more bullying we do, the weaker we get. Thank God for Obama who believes in live and let live. The more nations we threaten the less safe we become. A stronger America is when we have fewer enemies and more friends to rally with us. Obama's approach will have us raving fans from among the community of Nations.

Our Nation will see an unprecedented focus on health; we can aspire to become the healthiest nation by making health care affordable and available to every American. It is an investment in our health my friends and not a charity as the few upside down capitalist think, when we are healthy we become productive and produce more tax revenues to our government, and our children will have greater number of school days of learning and become smarter kids. A healthy America should be our priority; it is an investment in our human capital, like the other factors of production that brings prosperity to all of us.

Our Nation's prosperity has to be sustainable. Because of our free market policy, when other nations trick us to make our products less conducive to their markets, we have to seek a balance of trade, let us sell you as much as you want, and we will buy the same from you, at least in terms of the purchasing power parity. Obama will be a tough negotiator and bring a fair balance of trade.

Our Nation will be fiscally conservative and would reflect the values of American family; living within the budget. Spend what you got and not stretching beyond our means. Bill Clinton had brought a surplus and Obama will work on rebuilding it. It was a Republican ideal once, not any more.

Our Nation had earned the respect in the community of nations for our generosity, our moral strength to stand up for the weaker nations from getting run over by the bullies. Our nation was in the forefront to do good things. We let our Administration destroy that good will, no wonder they hate our admin, I know they don’t hate us the Americans, just as we don’t hate people of other nations. Obama is going to restore all the lost love and put us on a moral high ground.

I am living in euphoria today; 

and I can relate the joy that I am feeling with so much in my life, if you do, please share with me in the comments section below.

I felt that serene joy when my Dad kissed on my forehead to say farewell when I left home

I felt that peacefulness in my mind when my wife Najma and I looked at each other in Kauai and said in unison, we need to move here, something we had never wanted to, to move;

I felt the same bliss when two hundred fifty people at the Unity Day on September 7th, 2008 pledged to speak up whenever they see a wrong in the society;

I felt awesome when Mahatma Gandhi appeared in my dream and said “son you have a lot of work to do”;

I felt faith in humanity when 39 individuals agreed to step up on the stage and wear a different faith for 15 minutes, not knowing what faith will be assigned to them; some of them were clergy;

I felt in heavens when MaryAnn spoke to me about building a campus for interfaith inquiry in Dallas;

I felt pureness of the gratitude when my Mom passed away, I was smiling and admiring sitting next to her body for giving the greatest lesson of my life - tying the loose ends of life and leaving the world with joy and leaving nothing for others to worry about;

I felt that joy when I greeted Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and felt the humility of this great man;

I felt sad when my Mom did not let me read the book “Eichman Killer of 6 million Jews” to protect me, and when I finally saw the Schindler’s list and felt a sense of completeness when my Muslim, Jewish and friends from 13 faiths joined me in commemorating the Holocaust to understand and share the suffering of a people, whose only fault was to believe in God in a different way”

I express my sense of gratitude at every thanksgiving day towards my first wife Ella who raised our kids with great values;

I felt very hopeful when my friend Dr. Shariff was appointed by the Prime Minister of India to study the status of minorities in India and felt the joy when his report "Sachar Report" became the standard across the world for such studies;

I felt a sense of gratitude when a limbless and armless man told me how grateful he was that he had the eyes to see, nose to smell, a tongue to taste and the ears to listen and enjoys the fresh smell of rain from the dirt.

I felt a sense of goodness in life when my daughter Jazzie returned $5 from $20 I gave her for her grades, she quietly returned with a note that she had a B and not all were A's.

I felt a sense of oneness of humanity when I hugged a man, my age, who was weeping for the loss of his parents in Holocaust;

I feel good every time when a conflict between people is mitigated and good will emerges.

Please get out and Vote for Obama.

The country has everything to gain by having this transformational catalyst that will make our nation and the world a better place to live.

One nation under God needs to be understood, it means a nation with least conflicts among her people. It is co-existence and living in harmony with different people, cultures, faiths, practices, races and ethnicities.  

Obama is the catalyst to achieve this.

Enjoy this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaibPD0658c
Farshid Amin is the first Iranian -American singer ever to perform on election night.

Enjoy this clip and pass it to all your friends who want a positive change.
This song is as old as me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LF3zHvryCHo

This song is for the Subcontinentians -aka Desi's. Those who understand Urdu and Hindi and related languages.

Please share your moments when you felt this joyful or complete
God Bless America


Mike Ghouse is a Speaker, Thinker and a Writer.  His comments, news analysis and columns can be found on the Websites and Blogs listed at his personal website www.MikeGhouse.net. Mike is a Dallasite for nearly three decades and Carrollton is his home town. He can be reached at MikeGhouse@gmail.com 


  1. I will send your comments to Europe, Mexico, The West Indies and across the US and Canada. It is thought provoking. I can't say too much right now as I feel so much stress pondering on 11/05/2008. I ponder if the United States will miss a once in a life time opportunity to emerge triumphantly from the ashes of neglect and dispair!!

  2. In a few hours, now

  3. Mike,
    I hope this works. You will be very pleased!

  4. I also live in Carrollton and voted early for Obama and agree with you. How exciting!!!!


  5. Congratulations to Obama

    My hopes got the better of me, I wrote the following congratulatory letter to Mr. Obama in the hope that it will come true. By the time you read it, I hope my explanation will be redundant. Warm regards,

  6. Excellent appraoch, brother Mike!

    I feel like a bright new page of American and Human history will start tonight with an outstanding president for the greatest nation on earth, a dream that will come true! Obama is not only a hope for a more prosperous and more stable America but also the hope for the entire humanity for peace and harmony...I am certain that the majority of humans will be following this historical election with a great passion hopeful to see a new, closer and more open and friendly America, as it used to be for a long time.Obama's victory means a great and strong message of change that we all need, in America, and all over this planet...

  7. Dear Mike,

    Thank you for the passionate expression of your heart. I am Ken Morgan, the Central Texas Family Fed coordinator. I have heard many great things about you and want to wish you and your family the very best. It is a long uphill journey for us all but we are in this life together for a purpose bigger than even our dreams. I am sure that that while we all have unique and at time sharply divergent views, that our unbreakable relationship as God's children will weather every storm and we will arrive one day on that golden shore of goodness. Thank you again for all you are doing for the sake of others. Best wishes always,

    Ken Morgan

  8. weapons.

    ----for people who support such things and the occupiers of other's lands---it is not difficult to understand how one (of them) might claim that the GOP has been purged of their imperialistic objectives.
    ---To take that position is one's personal choice, but to try to put this philosophy into to then innocent Muslims and others is criminal,when one knows better. I can understand that immigrants who live in countries (underdeveloped or have less material wherewithal than America, can come to this country and boast of being "American," boasting over and against their own lands, and not seeking with their "wealth" to help their own people---

    I can understand why they would like to boast of their love for another land, but the true people of whatever can have no true pride, ultimately in denying their own. Pity that they do not know how they are thought of by many in the underbelly of this country. Actually the first person killed (as supposed Arab or Muslim, after 9-11 for an Indian gas station owner with a Turban.

    You continually bemoan what you say is/was Jewish holocaust, but never talk about thee holocaust of African Americans for centuries, nor to say anything about the "untouchables," of which is a continuing tragic situation re race, etc. .....

    I am a Muslim, and I am a friend, and this is my reason to continue to caution you about your slights and insults to those who have suffered and know what it is to have encountered this for centuries.
    Oboma's rise is not to the Credit of the Republicans you honor, nor democrats either.

    It is only do to God. We know this, if you don't. We who identify with this era know it is the time----though we expected in (by scripture) to come about around 2025 or thereabouts.) Allah is the Best knower. One other thing, please stop using "thinker" in your titles, (it is antiquated in these times of titles and gives an unfortunate impression of unnecessary pride or boast fullness) [read the little emperor story)

  9. You go mighty mike!!
    Mark Kukla

  10. Thanks Mike. Wow!! this is awesome. God is good all the time. We
    deserve the greatest peace and dignity.

    God bless you my brother.

    Florence Campbell
    "A little faith will bring your soul to heaven, but a lot of faith will
    bring heaven to your soul." - -Dwight L. Moody

  11. Mike,
    As I am reading this at 9pm, and barring incorrect assessments, Barack Obama should be the President Elect, I too, have tears of joy.
    I appreciate the moving and inspiring words you write, and am honored to know you and to call you friend.
    I look back in wonder, years ago, when Judie Arkow put us in touch with each other.
    Yes, I am moved and have much hope tonight, and also know, we have much work to do, my friend!

  12. Dear Mike . . . .

    Read with much joy your thoughts and feelings about the President-Elect. As a Native American woman, I am very proud of what has been accomplished and even more proud to say that I and my family were involved in helping to get Barack Obama elected, here on the local level. I instinctly knew Barack was going to lead this nation after hearing his speech during the 2004 Democratic Convention. I shared by insight with my husband and told him that we had just heard a visionary who has stirred our souls and was going to impact our lives, maybe as a President! My husband said "Maybe so". However, my instincts were confirmed after reading his books and gaining more insight into his intellectural, emotional and moral being. In my heart, I know Barack is right for this nation and all people. He has made me extremely proud to say he is our President. Thank you, Pat Peterson

  13. My dearest brother Mike, My family & I along with the FFWP have been praying sincerely for our newly elected president,President Obama well before his election and continue to do so today and into the future. President Obama now has before him a medley of profound affairs to review and reconcile left from so many blunderous oversights. As we sense the vibrations of Almighty God here on the earth all of us should now find the time to rally around what could be in the coming 48 months ahead for the World through Americas new oppportunity to lead. It is without a doubt that President Obama is God's candidate and an instrument for God's will for true peace in the world. The historical winds of change that are before us are in fact God's signage for us to move forward creatively and proactively towards World Peace. My sincerest hope is that we all gather quickly as much as we feel God's almighty presence during this grace of a chance and seek from God how we will enhance the world's quest for "True World Peace" starting from the melting pot of America. Yes! We Can! for God's hope for America. One World Family Under God Aju! Mike, you, your family, friend's and associates are always in our eternal prayers.......... This our family heart. Daniel, An Na and Danielchang Castillo. We miss your presence.

  14. i agree with you all the way! Bjorg Ishee,Benbrook,Texas

  15. Dear Mike,
    We are all overjoyed, and I feel the country no doubt will move forward with his amazing
    wisdom and exceptional education coupled with organizational capabilities.
    The most important being - rising to the top from virtually NOTHING.
    Wishing you all the best.

    Warm regards,

  16. Dear Mike,

    Nice hearing from you again after meeting you in Dallas at the Women's conference in 2007 organized by Bibian Castleberry and Carol Donovan.

    Yes, I am glad that Barack Obama is the President=elect of the USA. Although Senator Mccain had also some good points to say about the financial meltdown.

    Best wishes,

    Leticia Ramos Shahani

  17. Finally!!!
    Justice has been done!

  18. Dear Br Ghouse, ASA

    Almost every Muslim has cast his or her vote for Obama with Bismillah and heartfelt prayers for his success to get rid of the blind oppressive regime of Bush. Today is the day of deliverance for Muslims of the USA and around the world. Please share it with others. Shukrun


  19. Bint,

    You do make a compelling argument for Muslims to stand on their own two feet to defend their rights, you are absolutely right there. The second point about a 'group' managing the candidates may have some truth in it, but it has got to be seen and I believe that may not be the case.

    What is in his favor?

    It is his consistent language of inclusion and the idea of justice and being fair.

    I have forgiven him for his resistance to be seen with a Muslim Hijabi woman or not going to the Mosque. I believe given the climate he was dealing with - had he done that, he would not have made it, the evil forces were way too strong. Now that he is in place and Collin Powell has paved the way, things will change. He is the President of 301 Million Americans and will not shy away being with any one. This is my hope and my belief knowing him the way I do. He is a great man.

    Thank you.


  20. Obama victory sparks cheers around the globe

    PARIS (AP) -- Barack Obama's election as America's first Black president unleashed a renewed love for the United States after years of dwindling goodwill, and many said Wednesday that U.S. voters had blazed a trail that minorities elsewhere could follow.

    People across Africa stayed up all night or woke before dawn to watch U.S. history being made, while the president of Kenya — where Obama's father was born — declared a public holiday.

    In Indonesia, where Obama lived as child, hundreds of students at his former elementary school erupted in cheers when he was declared winner and poured into the courtyard where they hugged each other, danced in the rain and chanted “Obama! Obama!”

    “Your victory has demonstrated that no person anywhere in the world should not dare to dream of wanting to change the world for a better place,” South Africa's first black president, Nelson Mandela, said in a letter of congratulations to Obama.

    Many expressed amazement and satisfaction that the United States could overcome centuries of racial strife and elect an African-American as president.

    “This is the fall of the Berlin Wall times ten,” Rama Yade, France's black junior minister for human rights, told French radio. “America is rebecoming a New World.

    “On this morning, we all want to be American so we can take a bite of this dream unfolding before our eyes,” she said.

    In Britain, The Sun newspaper borrowed from Neil Armstrong's 1969 moon landing in describing Obama's election as “one giant leap for mankind.”

    Yet celebrations were often tempered by sobering concerns that Obama faces global challenges as momentous as the hopes his campaign inspired —
    wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the elusive hunt for peace in the Middle East and a global economy in turmoil.

    The huge weight of responsibilities on Obama's shoulders was also a concern for some. French former Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin said Obama's biggest challenge would be managing a punishing agenda of various crises in the United States and the world. “He will need to fight on every front,” he said.

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said he hoped the incoming administration will take steps to improve badly damaged U.S. ties with Russia. Tensions have been driven to a post-Cold War high by Moscow's war with U.S. ally Georgia.

    “I stress that we have no problem with the American people, no inborn anti-Americanism. And we hope that our partners, the U.S. administration, will make a choice in favor of full-fledged relations with Russia,” Medvedev said.

    Europe, where Obama is overwhelmingly popular, is one region that looked eagerly to an Obama administration for a revival in warm relations after the Bush government's chilly rift with the continent over the Iraq war.

    “At a time when we have to confront immense challenges together, your election raises great hopes in France, in Europe and in the rest of the world,” French President Nicolas Sarkozy said in a congratulations letter to Obama.

    Poland's Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski spoke of “a new America with a new credit of trust in the world.”

    Skepticism, however, was high in the Muslim world. The Bush administration alienated those in the Middle East by mistreating prisoners at its detention center for terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and inmates at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison — human rights violations also condemned worldwide.

    Some Iraqis, who have suffered through five years of a war ignited by the United States and its allies, said they would believe positive change when they saw it.

    “Obama's victory will do nothing for the Iraqi issue nor for the Palestinian issue,” said Muneer Jamal, a Baghdad resident. “I think all the promises Obama made during the campaign will remain mere promises.”

    In Pakistan, a country vital to the U.S.-led war on the al-Qaida terrorist network and neighbor to Afghanistan, many hoped Obama would bring some respite from rising militant violence that many blame on Bush.

    Still, Mohammed Arshad, a 28-year-old schoolteacher in the capital, Islamabad, doubted Obama's ability to change U.S. foreign policy dramatically.

    “It is true that Bush gave America a very bad name. He has become a symbol of hate. But I don't think the change of face will suddenly make any big difference,” he said.

    Obama's victory was greeted with cheers across Latin America, a region that has shifted sharply to the left during the Bush years. From Mexico to Chile, leaders expressed hope for warmer relations based on mutual respect — a quality many felt has been missing from U.S. foreign policy.

    Venezuela and Bolivia, which booted out the U.S. ambassadors after accusing the Bush administration of meddling in their internal politics, said they were ready to reestablish diplomatic relations, and Brazil's president was among several leaders urging Obama to be more flexible toward Cuba.

    On the streets of Rio de Janeiro, people expressed a mixture of joy, disbelief, and hope for the future.

    “It's the beginning of a different era,” police officer Emmanuel Miranda said. “The United States is a country to dream about, and for us black Brazilians, it is even easier to do so now.”

    Many around the world found Obama's international roots — his father was Kenyan, and he lived four years in Indonesia as a child — compelling and attractive.

    “What an inspiration. He is the first truly global U.S. president the world has ever had,” said Pracha Kanjananont, a 29-year-old Thai sitting at a Starbuck's in Bangkok. “He had an Asian childhood, African parentage and has a Middle Eastern name. He is a truly global president.”


    WASHINGTON - The largest U.S. Islamic civil rights group was among the first to congratulate President-Elect Democrat Barack Obama, a man who some opponents tried to portray as a Muslim because of the childhood years he spent in Indonesia.

    “President-elect Obama’s victory sends the unmistakable message that America is a nation that offers equal opportunity to people of all backgrounds,” the Council on American Islamic Relations said in a statement just minutes after Obama’s victory speech in Chicago.

    Nihad Awad, executive director of the group, said they hoped to offer the Obama administration some support and advice.

    “We look forward to having the opportunity to work with the Obama administration in protecting the civil rights of all Americans, projecting an accurate image of America in the Muslim world and playing a positive role in securing our nation,” Awad said.

    Obama, who will be the first black U.S. president and whose middle name is Hussein, is a Christian. But throughout the campaign, false rumors circulated on the Internet that he was Muslim and therefore not a suitable candidate for the White House.

    Son of a Kenyan father and white American mother, Obama spent part of his childhood in largely Muslim Indonesia.

    More than 20 million copies of a film called “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” were included as advertising supplements in newspapers across the country, many in battleground states.

    CAIR lashed out against the film, which was distributed by a private group unaffiliated with the McCain campaign and featured suicide bombers, children being trained with guns, and a Christian church said to have been defiled by Muslims. (MORE)