Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama you should not have teased that dog.

Obama, you goofed on your 60 minutes interview.You can do better than that. There is a Chinese proverb, you kill the enemy, you make more enemy,you friend the enemy, no more enemy.

To see the pictures of attack dog click here:


  1. How true!
    Mike you are really awesome, may Allah bless you.
    I really enjoy every thing you do!


  2. Well, I am glad some one is speaking out, I learned you are a Republican but you voted for Obama. Now you deal with it

  3. Sir, I just do not get your point. I heard the total interview that night and I thought he did a decent job. Remember, he is not the president as yet! People like you and Rush Limbough seem to be trying to get him into the mix of things before it is appropriate. By the way, he is not a Muslim so why should he quote the Holy Quran? You are the one that appears to be trying to get him killed. Let the man be! If he were a Caucasian you would not be trying to tell him how to do his job. Sit back, relax, and see what he does. He is one of few intellegent president-elects we've had for a long time.
    N'Zingah Al-Shams (Ms.)

  4. Dear Mike:
    Here is the transcript of part of Obama interview in 60 minutes

    Kroft: Where does capturing or killing Osama bin Laden fall?

    Obama: I think it is a top priority for us to stamp out al Qaeda once and for all. And I think capturing or killing bin Laden is a critical aspect of stamping out al Qaeda. He is not just a symbol, he’s also the operational leader of an organization that is planning attacks against US targets.

    Mr. Mike, What do you expect Mr. Obama should have responded to the above question? Should have he said, No we don’t want capture or kill him, instead we want sit with Al Qaeda leaders, sip tea, exchange jokes and negotiate? Al Qaeda is not a head of any government, why should US Government has to speak to a terrorist group? You want America to legitimize a terrorist group or you think Al Qaeda is not a terrorist group?

    As per your analogy, Al Qaeda was like a quiet dog until Obama teased it, now it is barking, may bite too (you mean to say Al Qaeda could attack US?). Is Al Qaeda really quiet? Are they not regrouping at Pakistan side and attacking coalition forces in Afghanistan?

    There is another proverb, it goes like this “Barking dog never bites, Biting dog never barks”

    I think Al Qaeda a biting dog. It did not bark; instead quietly bite American (9/11). Now Americans know that this is a biting dog. So Obama want finish this dog once for all. You say no, and instead suggest Obama to enlighten terrorists with Quranic verses. No Sir, These terrorists are educated in Madrasas and are well versed in Quran. They find justification in Quran for whatever they do.

    Arun Kumar

  5. Ayman is barking now, he is a lonely dog, Muslims reject him.

    If so, why should negotiate with a lonely rejected dog? Let Obama finish this enemy. I am not sure if Muslims rejects him, but, based on what you expressed, you seems to be not. You want Obama to negotiate with him.

    I am really confused Sir. You are speaking for American or Terrorist? You claim yourself to be a Thinker. Sir, am I missing something?

    Arun Kumar

  6. Mr. Kumar,

    Good points and I appreciate it.

    Ayman's derogatory racial comments came as a response to the 60 minutes interview.

    Obama rightfully believes in a dialogue, and he could have said that we need to work for peace and hope Al-qaida leadership understands that we strongly believe in it. It is time for the them to re-evauluate their position.

    His dialogue gets them to dig in their heels.

    I am for peace with the least damage to the inhabitants of the world. Al-Qaeda is a terrorists organization and we have two choices;

    i) to stamp them out. I don't beleive it is going to happen, without hurting ourselves and our economy, 6 years of incessant bombing has not done it, what will. It is lack of focus on the target Bin

    ii) If we are smart, we need to go the least destruction method that will be sustainable. We don't need to get into a point of no return situation and get stuck.

    iii) The chinese proverb is a true statement.

    I am speaking for Americans and we need to be effective and not rhetorical. I don't agree with most things John McCain has said but for this "You don't threaten your enemy, they will do more preparation"

    Al-Qaeda is weak, it is losing grouns and looking for baits,we don't need to give them that.

    Be tought, but always give room to people to save.



    First of all, I am a big Obama supporter and have written 14 articles in support of him, have campaigned for him and have held a rally. When I see that he is making a mistake, it is my duty to speak up.

    Obama is not a Muslim, but he can quote Qur'aan to Zwahiri that what the is doing is wrong, neither Muslims nor Quraan support him. I am not a caucasian either and that really should not matter, whether we are caucasian, African American or Asian, we have the same truth to learn and follow. We do have to speak our mind.

    We owe it to our democracy, that we critique the President, not doing that with Bush got us into trouble.

  8. Recalling the responses of a dog is not good for the responses of men and women. Call for dialogue is wonderful.I pray Obama listens to saner advices and brings peace to the world with all the peace seekers including Al Jawahiri. There has been dialogues with the poltical groups. Irish nationalists have been brought to table. Maoists in Nepal were brought to dialogue. Alqaeda needs to be reached for negotiation. Call for dailogue and patience is the best. Deabate is on the vision for personal, global governance. With prayers for guidance for more and more men and women all over the for the path of eternal peace.

  9. American Muslims Repudiate Zawahri's Racist Slurs


    The American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections (AMT), a national coalition of major Muslim American groups, today joined many of its member organizations in rejecting Al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri's racist remarks contained in a newly released video.

    SEE: Al Qaeda Coldly Acknowledges Obama Victory (New York Times)

    The AMT statement in part reads:

    As a coalition that strongly supports and works for civil rights, we condemn these racist slurs in the strongest possible terms, unequivocally reject Al-Qaida's philosophy, and reaffirm our opposition to all forms of bigotry, intolerance and racism.

    As Muslims and as Americans, we are perfectly capable of speaking for ourselves and we are particularly offended by Al-Qaida's temerity to speak on our behalf.

    We see Senator Barak Obama's victory as moment of redemption in which our nation has risen to new majestic heights. And so do majority of the Muslims worldwide.

    SEE: AMT Congratulates President-Elect Obama On His Historic Victory
    Zawahri has insulted all of us by mocking President-Elect Barak Obama, former Secretary of State Colin Powell and the current Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. His ugly rhetoric reveals his total ignorance, especially about Secretary Powell's courageous denunciation of Islamophobia.

    Islam, as Malcolm X, had asserted after his pilgrimage to Mecca, rejects racism in all its manifestations and seeks to build communities around values of shared humanity and inherent dignity of the human individual.

    *** The American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections (AMT) is an umbrella organization representing American Muslim Alliance (AMA), American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA), Muslim American Society-Freedom Foundation (MAS-FF), Muslim Student Association - National (MSA-N), Muslim Ummah of North America (MUNA), and United Muslims of America (UMA). Islamic Educational center of Orange County (IEC), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) are affiliated with AMT as observers.

  10. Mike, you are a thinker, Man; your piece of advice is a peerless gem only if Obama has the option of taking it!!
    True, when you threaten others' homes i.e.,Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere in the world; you buy trouble even if it is comparatively very little to the one you cause to others. It is dissipating as it has done, already.
    Of course, I disagree with you on your fundamental premise (1) that Obama is free to choose and make policy of the US and (2)that, US is employing her all round superiority to bring peace to this Planet; her aggressive strategy is to sieze the resources of the planet for the US Capitalists and Corporations. Don't you see, your freedom loving US id covertly and overtly the master of all the oil resources of the Middle East; even the Arab rulers are a US facade of keeping the oil money in their other pocket. Now they are being asked to lend what is actually in US banks!! Aren't you tickled, Mike?

    Last but not the least, I really appreciate your Piece. Best of regards: Sher Suleman

  11. Salam,

    What happened to your tolerance, plurality, living together when you decided to call Dr. Ayman Zwahiri a 'dog'?

    Muslims world is apprehensive of Obama who has to work doubly hard to prove that he is more than a neocon, patriotic scoundrel American. So when he chose a zionist and an Indian Hindutwa supporter he was bang on target. The muslim world suffered most under democrats. And world is a bad place whenver a black sounding guy is in charge. Rice, Powell and now Obama are case in point. Two are already seen, one is almost in view, glaringly anti mulim.
    Good Luck and God save not America bt Muslims

  12. Mr. Anonymous,

    Shame on you for not putting your name on your opinion, you really don't believe in it to stand by it. I have published it to make a point. If you lived in my country, you would appreciate the freedom we have here and if you lived in Dr. Zwahiri's country, where people are good, but don't have the courage to speak up as the Doctor will not let you speak, heck you may be stoned to death. Welcome to America, where we respect people of all faiths.

    Dr. Ayman Zwahiri has has uttered shameful racial slurs. Does he know that the Hazrat Bilal, an African is held in highest regard in Islam? If he did, he would not have said that. Most of the Terrorist don't know their religion any way, if they did, they would not be doing this to their religion, to fellow Muslims and to the humanity.

  13. ASA,

    Any Muslim still believing media reports about Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, etc have allowed themselves to be seriously duped. I give the courageous non-Muslims like Ralph Schoenman, Physicist Dr. Steven Jones, Theologian Dr. David Griffin, Christopher Bolyn, the Scientists for 9/11 truth, Architects for 9/11 truth, ex-governmental officials, and countless other individuals and organizations who have done the research and homework to PROVE that 9/11 was nothing more than a huge false flag operation conducted by Israel and corrupt elements in the U.S. government as a catalyst for war against Islam. Common sense alone should tell Muslims -- based on the attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, attacks on Islam, imprisonment, persecution and torture of innocent Muslims and planned attacks on Iran all using 9/11, Al-Qaeda, etc as BOOGEY MAN justification -- that 9/11 was a manufactured incident for long laid plans for the enemies of Islam. They created the perfect excuse for warring against Muslims and Islam.

    It is shameful to see how Muslims have gone to sleep and are too eager to parrot the lies broadcasted by mainstream media and run with them. They have left the great guidance in their religion that endorses them to investigate, pursue truth and think critically to become like gullible whales blindly believing reports published in mainstream media. Then they add insult to injury by proposng scenarios, asking questions, conjectures, etc based on these false reports and they expect intelligent people to respond to them. How foolish indeed!!! When will we ever learn?


  14. Trying to prove the theory that Nashid believes cost me over $8,000 and an incalculable number of hours (several thousand at least) from fall 2001 to spring 2007.

    Finally, I had to admit to myself that 9/11 was an al Qa'ida operation. Mohammed Atta's closest associates were Germans. A few videotapes have been discovered showing several of the highjackers being trained by al Qa'ida in Afghanistan. Authentic tapes.

    Apparently Nashid feels the same way as al Qa'ida about the US, but he would prefer to call 9/11 a false-flag operation because it gives a sense of more righteous indignation.

    Israel definitely did not want Bush to go to war in Iraq. The Israelis were ignored. A great Mossad plot success, eh?

  15. Salam, I merely asked you about your tolerance, plurality etal and you lost control! So much so that you even didn't think it proper to wish me salam in return?

    Everything Dr. Ayman/ Osama is accused of, Bush and Blair did the same. But did you ever compare them with a dog?

    One need not go overboard in condemning the duo without agreeing to their policies (there still need to be courtroom evidence for there acts and speeches). The world leaders, the democratic world, jutified not long ago bombing of Hiroshima, rape of Afghanistan (first by the barbaric Russia and then by civilized west), the picking up of Daniel Ortega, the 'collaterals' in Iraq, the genocide (continuing) in Palestine, the Bosnia Massacre, the UN supervised Kosovo massacre, need I count more? Or is it that 300 AMericans count more than millions of Muslims of which many many thousand were children (remember how Albright justified it?).

    I don't believe if even Russians killed so many muslims in Afghanistan as the civilized world did?

    And please don't talk of freedom in the west. I am sick and tired of it. Freedom in west is temporary, at the very first trial -9/11- it miserably failed. And we have extraordinary rendition, several G'bays and scores of hypocrites.

    It isn't that I dislike what you do or don't agree with your policies, had it been so I would have unsubscribed your mails. But if you can sit with zionists, enemies of Islam and Muslims, why do you find Ayman's outburst so offensive? After all, Mc Cain was worst when he told a women "no Ma'am, he is a US citizen and a decent man". Is this not racist enough to rouse your angst to call him a dog. Or wasn't Obama a racist in acts when he chose to disallow a muslim women in hijab to be seen with him? Why does Obama's statement that he will penetrate deep in to Pakistan does't arouse your angst?

    Let's us not kid ourself, Mike. Nevertheless, it is said a man is best seen when he is angry, I saw you.


  16. Dear Ms. or Mr. Anonymous,


    You consider not responding back to you with Salaam is being angry? How did you get that? You are anonymous simply because you do not believe in yourselves and your opinion.

    You did not check anything on the site....and made the assumptions. When we speak out, we speak out against every one including my ex-ing President and vexing VP. I was told not to be critical of the President and be careful. Heck, they do not understand the freedom of our nation. We have had lost that for a few years and thank God our freedom was restored on Nov 6, 2006 and reaffirmed that on November 4, 2008. Freedom is the one thing I value most in my life, nothing else comes close 2nd to it.

    Check out REPUBLICAN PARTY at

    All of us should condemn Al-Qaeda outfit for the following reasons:

    1) They are destructive to the world peace, terrorism is not justified no matter how oppressed you are.

    2) They can label themselves nuts or terrorists, we can deal with that, but

    3) Don't call themselves representing Islam, no they are not, instead, they are tarnishing the name of religion and doing everything anti-Islamic;
    i) killing one life is like killing the whole humanity,
    ii) terrorizing civilians.