Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are you still a Republican?

Are you still a Republican?

I am not.

Way back in December last year I wrote “Which way, republican or democratic?"

Last night I listened to Hilary, and Michelle the night before, like me, I hope, Americans know which way to go now. They talked about you and I, the common folks, they talked about the human aspirations and hope and how to get there. Hilary made a soft passing remark about terrorism among three other major things, poverty, global warming and inequalities, because that is all the attention it deserves, no more.

Next week when you hear the Republicans, you are guaranteed to hear this:

McCain will talk about his obsession about terrorism, war, destruction and all the negatives of the world, quadrupling and exaggerating it to make us all let it loose in our pants, because that is all McCain has to offer, and he is full of it. He spews hate for others, and he will express that in terms of enemies, that is all his language revolves around, that is all he can think, that is all he is capable of; imagining enemies, goading others to become enemies and then digging in the heels and going for confrontation, threatening others for the next four years. He is our decorated hero, he has endured a lot of suffering for us, we can build a bronze stature in front of the Capital hill to honor him, but we cannot afford to give him a free pass to commit our resources to self destruct and others in the world. Do we need him to continue to frighten us for the next four years?

Then the others like Rowe, Cheney, Bush will join him in imagining WMD in every nook and cranny, they can fake the intelligence report. It is a shame that the few among the Republicans have cornered their Pulpit, there are more moderate Republicans out there than we can imagine, but they are chickens; don't have the guts to speak up. I have talked with many of them, they sound conservative, but in their heart they are not, they don't like polices of fear and exclusion that Bush, Cheney and their baby McCain is pursuing.

McCain can keep that speech to himself, we don't need that, we need peace, dialogue, hope, poverty reduction, saving the planet, education, jobs, first here at home and not squander our resources in their imaginary wars. I would like to hear positive upbeat hopeful governance for us Americans, we deserve it.

Most Republicans understand our mistakes, but don’t have the balls to speak up. The public will speak up through the ballot though. Many of those good republicans will pay a price on November 4th for silently approving the wrong doings.

I am willing to bet that McCain and his gang will frighten us with their devilish hallucinations about enemies. They don’t understand that we cannot have peace if others can’t, we cannot be secure if we keep threatening others.

There is always that hope, the hope that these guys can learn the message of Christ, of peace, mitigating the conflicts, nurturing goodwill, reaching out and removing barriers and creating a world of kindness. May God ease their arrogance out and bring humility and make them better humans. Amen!

Mike Ghouse is a Republican at heart, but cannot align with any visible Republican out there. Mike is a Speaker, Thinker and a Writer. He is president of the Foundation for Pluralism and is a frequent guest on talk radio and local television network discussing interfaith, political and civic issues. He is the founding president of World Muslim Congress with a simple theme: Good for Muslims and good for the world. His comments, news analysis and columns can be found on the Websites and Blogs listed at his personal website Mike is a Dallasite for nearly three decades and Carrollton is his home town. He can be reached at


  1. Yes, Mike. I am a republican. Obama is not experienced, holds the same counter-productive policies that has held us back in congress for four years. We need to restore American values of hard work towards success, be energy independent, bring our heros home with victory and dignity instead of in defeat, and strive towards a strong, dignified government. Did you know that Obama has spent nearly 90 million dollars in earmarks in 2008 alone, while McCain has gone earmark-free (that's zero dollars)? Did you know that over 4 million people have died in the past eight years, not in Iraq, but due to abortion? And tell me, since when does Gun Control (despite its unconsitutionality) lower gun violence, because the facts prove just the opposite. What about climate change: Did you know, we have 10,000 more sq. km of arctic sea ice than we did just ONE YEAR AGO? Then there's race: Martin Luther King, Jr. was a registered republican? Remember: we ended segregation AND discrimination. Sir, my answer should be clear: I am proud to be a young conservative.

  2. Yes, I am still is and will always be. This is based on the principles the Republicans held since its beginning. The Democrats have a tradition of saying things big, and did little. Also the more I studied about what current Muslims believe, the more I worry about our future in the West. As you know, the Muslims do not believe in compromise,
    they either want to convert you or to kill you. I am a follower of
    Christ, believing in love, faith and hope; converting unbeliever by
    love and action of kindness and forgiveness, not by force or killing and bad behavior.

    Remember " It is easier to say than to do." I am not easily moved by sweet and big talks. Actions tell it all.


  3. Catherine,

    Thanks for the note.

    I have been a republican, but the party is not any more Republican,
    which I have expressed in the article:

    What was your source of this information "As you know, the Muslims do not believe in compromise, they either want to convert you or to kill you.". for a balance and for the truth, please watch PBS, MSNBC to hear another point of view, as Fox and CNN are the speakers of the neocons..... a few individuals are ugly whether they are Muslims, Christians or otherwise. No religion teaches hate, individuals do.


  4. Correction: WE ended Slaver and segregation. WE can't end discrimination everywhere.