Sunday, July 27, 2008

Life is a poem of love

Life is a poem of love; The story of our life.

Najma and I have lived our life experiencing the full spectrum of emotions ranging from Khatta (sour), Meetha (sweet), Pheeka (tasteless), Teekha (off), Khara (spicy) and Kadva (bitter) brim with caring and lots of loving.

We have enjoyed the happy moments that life had offered; we have lived the fantasies; survived the challenges; experienced the bitterness and above all bonded with the thread of romance till death do us apart. That was a beautiful relationship for us.



  1. Byoootiful sentiments

  2. Mike, I will do what what you have mentioned and start our life with a clean slate. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. I attended your tribute to Najma, and I literally cried to hear a man sharing such tender feelings. Thank you for writing the same.

  4. Thank you for this, Mike. You have a great heart and mind, as did/does Najma (with whom you will someday reunite, I have no doubt). Yesterday was Parents' Day, a national holiday initiated by people inspired by Reverend and Mrs. Moon. Let me say that you deserve great recognition because of your unflagging efforts to bring peace in the world-- which is the true role of a parent. God bless you.

  5. Dear Brother Mike Ghouse !
    After reading "Life is a poem of love , The story of our life" I was so sad that for nearly fifteen minutes I could not control myself.
    You have rightly paid highest tributes to Najma.I and Sabiha Saba are including her in our prayers.We pray that ALLAH may give you and children the 'SABR'.
    Mike ! You are a man of Peace.All of us greatly appreciate your grand services for journalism, literature,peace efforts,welfare works,suffering humanity etc.Hope to meet you in future. Eng'r.Poet,Writer
    Saghier Ahmed Jafri,Editor Urdu Manzil Tel. # 00971 50 4454036

  6. Hey Mike, I liked your TajMahal story and when you said you prayed with gratitude, it was a beautiful moment that I admire.


  7. Friend Mike - Thank you for constantly inspire and challenge so many people to be loving and be real in our lives. The relationship that you and Najma shared is rarer than gemstones, and an example for peace among all people. You are a gift.

  8. I just wanted to comment on the lovely tribute to your wife. I read all of it and it brought me to tears. The love you feel for your wife was just breathtaking. Thank you for reassuring me that love between a husband and wife is still cherished by few.

    Thank you,

  9. dear soul mike,
    your ideal couple
    successfull great life
    you are very good peace lover
    with quote all religion
    michhami dukkadam also
    i keep article also tell my devotes
    with blessings
    urs swamiji