Thursday, July 24, 2008

Religion and One God

Religion and One God
Mike Ghouse

Oneness of God is also expressed as oneness of the creation, oneness of the humanity and oneness of the people.

The phrase like God is one; the world is one or Vasudeva Kutabam express Unity of the universe referred to as numerical number “one”. It is a large embrace of diverse people to live together without conflict, when you do that, you have embraced them all and a sense of oneness surfaces. A conflictless world can be described as one world, where one God has acted out.

The guardians of the faith have a vested interest in promoting the idea that their faith is the best, and others are deficient, or even inferior or illegitimate. This protects their interests, but spritually they are wrong, a majority of the people believe otherwise, the majority simply wants to get along with others and do not believe for a moment that, their good friends who follow another faith will go to hell, they instinctively know that God will not cheat them.

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  1. When you used the phrase "Vasuda Eva Kutumbkam" you should have mentioned that its a Sanskrit phrase from Hindu scriptures. Courtesy demands it, sir! Since
    you stand for Pluralism, isn't it fair that you give credit where its due?