Monday, December 3, 2007

Our Moral standing

Strenghtening Our Moral standing
Mike Ghouse, December 3, 2007.

I have expressed outrage at the Sudanese mis-treatment of Teacher Gibbons for affectionately naming the Teddy bear Mohammad.

Last night I was watching Geraldo Riviera at large, he was interviewing a reporter in Khartoum, who was coming out of a church after the prayer service. Riviera asks the reporter "Aren't the Sudanese ashamed of what the world thinks of them? ho ho ho.

I hope he asks the same question to our president, "aren't you ashamed of what the world thinks of us? " Very few journalists have the guts to ask that question.

Look at our big country USA. Just a few unilateralists are running this nation and creating havoc around the world, terrorizing nations and butchering millions. The good for nothing silent majority is screaming but the terrorizing others continue. Even though we have given them the majority in both houses, those gutless, useless democrats are scared to stop this bullying.

Conflicts erupt because of arrogance, arrogance that my faith is superior and thus, the others need to learn. My system of governance is better thus others need to follow. Without any doubt, we have the best system of governance in the world, it works for us, as we have developed our culture around it, where as in most other places, it may have to start with planting the seed, watering it and wait for it to mushroom over a period of time. Rome was not built in one day; neither democracy is built in one day.

Let me apply what is good for the goose.... gander, applies here:

A few extremists in Malaysia are running their nation and discriminating non Malaysian race in their country that are a fabric of that nation for generations. It has happened in two states in India as well. None of them rulers care what the world thinks about them and it is a shame. What is the silent majority doing in all these cases? Nothing.

If we, the United States can regain our moral standing in the world, like we had before, we can be an example to the world to goad into changes with love and by example. To do that, we need to bring humility in us and consider shedding our holier than thou attitude.

As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I say, faith is in the heart of the believer.

Let me assert, I am a Muslim, and Islam works for me. I will never claim that my faith is superior to any, all are divine and each one is here to makes us better humans to ourselves and people around us.

A majority of us are Muslims, Hindus, and Christians or others by default. Just because we were born in that household we are simply following those traditions. There is a good possibility that if were exchanged at birth by accident, today, I would have been Hindu and you a Muslim, both equally justifying and defending the faith. There is nothing wrong with it, but the fact remains that we could have really played the other role. If that was the case, our attitudes towards each other need to improve. I could have been you and vice-versa.

I cannot expect others to be peaceful, if I am not. My words and my actions should mitigate conflicts and foster goodwill. It is useless for me to look to others to be peaceful and peace makers. Each one has to do his or her part, and I am committing to be peaceful and what follows that

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