Friday, February 11, 2011

Hannity, Ghouse and Schoen on Egypt

I will be Hannity with Doug Schoen, the democratic pollster. You can check the the listing for your radio at: 

Just finished the talk with Hannity and Doug Sheoen.
Doug is a right winger to the core and does not believe in dialogue to find solutions.
The right wing approach has never worked
You cannot push people to the choicelessness,
you can get away with your might,
but deep inside you are jeopadising the long term security.
 you have got to give them choices.
You cannot be mirror the terrorists.
Unless you dialouge, you are as bad as the terrorist
# # #
My appearance on Fox, talk on two Radio stations and write up in Dallas Morning News and several places:

Congratulations to the Eyptian People

Advise to Obama, Dallas Morning News

Radio with Hannity and Shoebet

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