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Burqa Ban – Hannity, Gabrielle and Ghouse on Fox TV

On Hannity Show June 29, 2010
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Mike Ghouse live from Nashville, Tennessee. Of course we could not get all the talking points in to the show, but you can read it.

Let's do some serious critical thinking. French commies now want to tell their people what they eat, believe, pray and WEAR? How dumb!

Don’t the French believe in liberty no more? Didn’t some French philosopher say that, even though I disagree with you, I will stand up for your rights? Where is the Frenchness in France now? They have become radicals; Talibans forces women to wear the Burqa and the French forces women no to wear, who the heck are these militants?

Would Hilary Clinton or Michelle Obama wear mini skirt to the white house? Should we consider them not progressive? If you were a woman, would you wear open cleavage blouses at work place? A few do, just like a few women wear full clothes to their place of worship. You can imagine a range of scenarios, where you will refuse to wear anything that is not comfortable to you, rightly so, particularly if some idiot tells you to, in this case the French Government.

Bridgette, would you wear the bikini on the show if Fox TV tells you? If not, why not? It is the culture, is it not? Is there anything out there in the world that is not cultural? No woman should put with that attitude any more.

Women have been oppressed throughout the ages…be it in America, China, Arabia, India or the Lamas… Afghanistan, Iran or Saudi Arabia

Talibans are bullshitting their oppression and calling it Religion, why the hell are you buying it? Why don’t you buy what Quraan guides equally to both men and women to be modest, and advises women to cover their bosoms and men to wear fuller clothing as well. Over centuries a cultural adaptation has taken several forms of head covering for the modesty and it ranges from Burqa to no Burqa. It is as cultural as what women in America wears to weddings, funerals, church, birthdays and other events.

Quraan says that men and women are each other’s catalyst in living a fuller life, they are each others respect, they are each others friends, trust, the actual words are men and women are each others garmets.

· Let Muslim women wear what is comfortable to them, let's be pro-choice,
· Let the woman decide what is comfortable to her.
· No one can force Hilary to wear full skirt or mini skirt, so let no one force a woman to wear what she is not comfortable with.
· Let's develop tolerance for other cultures and ways of life, let's believe in one's freedom to live the way one wants to live. Let one choose what she eats, dresses or believes.
· Let’s believe in one's freedom to live the way one wants to live.

Let THE WOMAN choose what she eats, believes or wears.

We all need to stand up for the freedom of women, and oppose intolerance in societies like France and oppression like Turkey.

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Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker, writer, optimist, educator and an activist of Pluralism, Justice, Islam, India, Peace and Civil Societies. He is a conflict mitigater and a goodwill nurturer offering pluralistic solutions on issues of the day and is a frequent guest on the media. Mike's work is reflected at three websites & twenty two Blogs listed at


  1. The tradition of Muslim women wearing burqa that covers their face/identity originates neither from teachings of Quran nor the Islam religion. It’s origin came from the fact that Muslim rulers who were absolute ruthless dictators could not control their lusts for beautiful women. Once they saw them, they have to have them –they would not hesitate to kill the father or the husband if they are the obstacles. Hence, women started covering their beautiful face so that these lustful men will not know whether the women behind the veil are young, old, beautiful or simple looking. Over the years it became tradition. In India women started wearing veils to cover their faces after the Muslim invasions of India. The evils were much longer and opaque more in northwestern and central India than in southern parts because the Muslims invaded India from the northwest.

    In the modern times, it does not make any sense to wear burqua. Moreover, with the threat of terrorism it is imperative that everyone is clearly identifiable. I hope you have not forgotten the recent reportings of terrorists men wearing burqa to move freely –just this month an Al Quida man was killed while hiding under burqa pretending to be a woman.

    Talibans want their women to wear burqa because it’s their show of absolute control—for the same reason they don’t want women to get education.

  2. Qute---Let the woman decide what is comfortable to her.
    Using the above logic, if Clinton and Michelle should feel comfortable to wear Bikinis in White House or even in public places, then they should be allowed to do so.
    But the assumption is that the society in general would not like the abnormal attire, hence it would be wrong for the women to go against the accepted norms of the society, even if they claim it to be their RELIGION called freedom of choice
    Similarly the French and other European societies in general is confronted by the abnormal
    Full face-cover called Burqa/Naqaab obliterating the wearer’s human identity.
    The main issues here therefore are the claims of a section of society that the so called modest attire is their Religious demand imposed by Quran. THIS IS CLEARLY NOT THE CASE and therefore is a blatant lie in the name of my Faith.
    The only place where face cover is mentioned in there is 10-25,26
    For good deeds 10-25, ….No darkness nor shame shall cover their faces!
    For evil deeds 10-26,……IGNOMINY will cover their (faces)…. Their faces will be covered, as it were , with pieces from the depth of the darkness of night!! Shame, shame!!
    Further more it says in 33-59 that they should throw a cover over them so that they be recognized. Is not one entitled to ask therefore ---how on earth is one to RECOGNISE a person if he/she is covered in BALACLAVA, which in society is considered as a sign of a criminal hiding their identity??.

  3. Sure lets all wear masks in public.

    I think people should be free to wear whatever they want to wear.

    Who knows with the way face recognition technology is going "Big Brother" could be tracking your every move in public and in your home and people may end up wearing masks in public.

  4. Martha Nussbaum, one of the most influencial american philosophers today calls for end to Burqa Bans.