Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama the Macho Man

Obama the Macho Man
by Mike Ghouse

When Bush took over the presidency, he was blinded by the idea of ridding Saddam Hussein at any cost. Now Obama is following the same strategy in Afghanistan-Pakistan; ridding of Talibans.

The Obama I know and cherish is a fresh thinker, his approach is refreshing, and he is endowed with a re-fresh button. Unfortunately, he has shown this dumber-than-dumb streak now to show off his macho manhood; killing and destruction.

Obama is still my hero, and those of us who admire him have an obligation to point out his mis-steps which could cost us dearly in economic and moral terms. If his policy in Afghanistan were to work, he will have the blood of millions of innocent people on him, and I hope he would not justify these massacres as collateral damage as the ruthless man before. He can be a macho man by bringing peace through goodwill.

Our silence will become approval to Obama on Afghanistan. It is our responsibility to speak up and make sure our republic is a full functioning democracy with checks and balances in place. We owe it to our country to break the Democratic monopoly and give the Republicans a majority in the Senate to prevent Obama from temptations of doing whimsical nonsense as his predecessor did. The amount of money Bush blew in Iraq is hurting our economy, his decisions killed nearly 5000 of our men and women and close to a million Iraqi's and caused civil war between their own people. It was dumb.

We were plainly destructive. We could have used a tenth of that money and supplied food and medicine to dying children, built schools, taught democracy, and worked on goodwill. Have we forgotten diplomacy? Within one generation we could have turned around Iraq into a working democracy without any bloodshed. The previous man in the White House did not get that. And now Obama is employing his dumb streak to work in Afghanistan. It will not work.

The arrogance of our military might will make us lose. We have a history of failures in every place we have employed our macho power except Russia and World War II. We should be arrogant of our goodness and goodwill which will make others want to honor, respect and listen to us.

Obama has been right on a lot of issues except Afghanistan, of course it suits Hillary.

Obama should call in the peace makers and hold conferences and find out the ideas that will work and earn respect in the community of nations and strengthen our economy. America is enriched with brilliant businessmen and peacemakers, who know how to make Afghanistan a thriving economy and a progressive society, bringing security and sustainable peace to that part of the world. Just dump the old idea of enslaving other nations with guns. Be macho enough to win them on equal terms. Mr. President, please wake up and be the good human that you are.


Mike Ghouse is a Dallas based writer, blogger, speaker and a thinker. He is a frequent guest on talk radio and local television networks offering a pluralistic perspective on issues of the day. His comments, news analysis and columns can be found on the Websites and Blogs listed at his personal website http://www.mikeghouse.net/

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  1. Pardon me Sir! Did you say we should have more REPUBLICANS to BALANCE the opinions in the senate - to refute President Obama's ideas on Afghanistan? Wow, were there no Republicans in the senate to refute President Bush's stance on Iraq? Yes, well,...we can see the good of having REPUBLICANS as a source of BAlANCE!