Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama and Ghouse

Obama on Al-Arbiyya TV


Obama and Ghouse

First of all, let me give room to the right wingers, who are motivated by fear and everything peaceful or peace building is wrong to them. They do not believe in co-existence and unfortunately US was run by such forces and thank God they are sitting on the side lines now. Indians chased such powers five years ago, and now, Israelis will do the same - bring moderates who represents the views of the majority of the Israelis.

The lobby and their likes will go to work tomorrow and pile up a lot of things and find pleasure in damaging every little thing they can.

Obama's interview is strategic and will bring the desired security to the Israelis, the right way and will become sustainable. And restore what was stolen from the Palestinians - their hopes and aspirations.

I have found myself mirroring Obama's views:

He said some thing like "Looking into eyes of children" and I wrote a couple of weeks ago that the leaders must be put to test to ask them to look into children, regardless of their origins and pledge that they will work on bringing security and hopes for them. If they cannot pledge, public should reject them.

In his inaugural speech he said " you will be judged by what you build and not what you destroy" and I wrote that their performance should be measured in the amount peace,security and hope they bring to the people of Israel and Palestine. Ignoring one or the other, will keep the nation limping.

David Gergens commented about isolating the extremist causing Obama to scramble when Obama said "some members of family are Muslims" and I have been regularly writing to focus on the real people, the moderates who are a majority and quit pandering to the fear mongers.

Obama said "Muslims wants to simply live a good life" and that has been a part of my writing.

Time has come for the good men (and women) to stop the evil men from perpetrating evil.

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