Thursday, September 25, 2008

If the world were to vote in US elections

It is an incredible report produced by the economist in the link below.

The world does not hate us, they hate our administration, just as we hate Putin, Taliban or Saddam but not Russians, Afghans or the Iranian people.

If you are a Neocon Republican, please do not read this, however, I believe a majority of the Republicans are good people, but good for nothing when they do not have the guts to speak up against their own party, they equate that to unpatriotic behavior.

The dumb Neocon Republicans will never get it, the public dumped the extremists neocon Republicans enmasse in November 2006, they still don't get it. Them boys, the axis of Cheney-Bush-Rowe-Rice-Guiliani-Romney-Palin-McCain huddle and talk about annihilating other nations, it is a game to them to kill people, wage wars and be destructive.

The only thing that comes out of their mouths is war, destruction, bombing, annihilating, or getting even... Except Ron Paul, is there a Republican out there whose actions are peace oriented? Who believes and acts peace? I hope there are a few at least.

The Neocon gang of Republicans use the word "peace through strenght" meaning peace would come to the world when they bully any one who does not agree with them. That dumb idea has done nothing but wrong in the world, where ever Neocons are involved in the world stage, they have misled the Americans to believe peace comes through destruction.

The axis of those huddle boys and girls, do not understand that we cannot have security when we frighten others, we cannot have peace when we are violent. Americans are not made like these boys, they will do the right thing at the end. The world does not hate us, they hate our administration, though we are responsible to put this axis in place and now time to dump them in November.

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