Thursday, November 8, 2007

VP Cheney to be impeached?

VP Cheney to be impeached?

I just came across this and glad to see that Dennis Kucincih is standing up for the truth. Nearly 3800 Americans have died, a Million Iraqi Citizens are gone and several million are made homeless... all based on lies. Please watch the presentation in the house about impeachment.

Mike Ghouse

The US news is censoring it, but US Representative
Dennis Kucinich has moved on the House floor to
initiate impeachment proceedings against Vice
President Richard Cheney.

In my opinion NOTHING is more important for the future
of the United States than the removal from office and
criminal prosecution of Cheney and others in the Bush

Please spread the word about this important and
heavily censored story.

The gauntlet has been thrown down. Kucinich makes
the case brilliantly. The process has begun...

Now it's up to us to make noise about this and force
the media to pay attention and make sure the rest of the
country knows.


- Brasscheck

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