Saturday, August 25, 2007

Congressman Tom Tancredo

Congressman Tom Tancredo
Mike Ghouse

Thanks to the laws of the United States of America, and our constitution that I regard as a sacred document for managing the affairs of the citizens. Had it not been for our laws, there was a possibility that Tom Tancredo could bomb other nations holy places for the mistakes some one else makes. Isn't that called barking at the wrong tree?

What would Pat Robertson do, if we did not have the laws of our nation in place? Murder Chavez? Condemn Ariel Sharon? Forcibly convert the Moslems (Muslims) and Hindoos (Hindus)?

Thanks God we live in America, and thanks God we have the best laws in the community of Nations. The following is a 6 minutes interview between Anderson cooper, Tom Tancredo and Edina Lekovic.

We the people of the United states of America ought to consider dumping elected officers who create chaos, panic and fear among people. We ought to dump any public officer who is a war monger and a causer deaths, hates and eventual genocide. We are a free nation, they have the right to say and do what they want as individuals, but not as representatives of the people when it comes to destruction.

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  1. Ok,Mike,I see you are "for America".
    But Tancredo may just believe that
    American cities are just as "holy" as Mecca. Do you think Mecca is any more important than the city that you live in?

  2. Alexander,

    That is precisely the point, Loonies v. Loonies. The Laden loonies bombed our cities, so we bomb theirs?

    What did you and I do to them terrrosits? Nothing! Yet the criminals terrorized the the innocent.

    Tom Tacrendo can do what he wants as an individual, but not in our behalf. We are a civil people.

    We believe in the law, we have got to get the criminals and not the civilians. With all our power and technology we still don't have Osama. Bombing Afghanistan or Iraq was destructive and has destroyed the world relations.

    If we had pursued who the criminals were, we would not have disturbed and messed the world order. We have a ot of damage control to do.

    Mike Ghouse

  3. Are you saying that Tancredo is "loonie" because he may feel American cities are at least as important as Mecca?
    Why didn't you answer my question about how you feel about Mecca?
    I am trying to understand your logic!

  4. Alexander, every American city is a holy city, every abode is holy, as humans inhabit. It is just not American, but all homes and human life is sacred.

    Every scripture including Islamic advises to value life, to save a life is to save the whole humankind, to kill one is like killing all.

    What people do with it, God only knows. It is not the religion, nor the book, it is the individuals. When you murder some one,and you belong to any religion, it is not your religion, it is you.

    The Law books are clear about murder, yet we see an unmitigated number of murders in every society. Our constitution is wrong or the individual? Many presidents, congressman have voilated the rules, is their religion wrong, their holy books wrong or them?