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Richardson Candidates Forum

Why didn’t you vote? Where were you?
Richardson Candidates Forum
Richardson, April 18, 2007.

The Richardson Candidates forum was held at the Central Mosque in Richardson; the incumbent as well as the contesting candidates for the City Council made up at least 15 members panel. The public was invited and the hall seemed full.
"The forum at the mosque was one of seven forums being held for the council candidates, so people that missed the previous ones still have three more chances. There was a school board candidates forum, sponsored by the League of Women Voters, at the same time that the mosque held the Council forum, so that may have taken some audience members away. I was at the RISD forum, which of course is also very important to members of the mosque." Bernie Mayoff

Ghulam Jangda was master of the ceremonies and know well how to carry the meeting forward, as he was a candidate for the City council elections in 2003 . He handled the questions well and gave an opportunity to every candidate to respond. The shorter-format of Q & A allowed a whole lot of topics to be covered.

The format segued into an unusual bluntness from the politicians. One of the much debated issues was the possibility of reversing the City from wet, back to dry city. The responses were straight and honest by all the incumbents and the contesting candidates; "I drink wine in my communion". "I drink beer". One of the responses was awesome; when a candidate turned around and asked the audience, “Where were you when this thyng was put to vote?”

I liked that answer the best, it was absolutely accurate and carried the most challenging message. Where were we before it went to vote?

Voting is the most powerful asset that every one in a democracy is endowed with, and people ought to take it seriously exercise their right.

The last two rounds of questions were limited to one or two worded responses; would you do what Farmers Branch did? I was honestly shocked to hear a few of the contesting candidates saying YES. The last question was what radio station they tuned in to? – It was good to hear NPR taking the lead followed by KRLD and KLUV. I am glad no one was hearing out the propagandist hate radios.
Who should you Vote?

To all my blog readers, friends, fans and members of my group, I request you to go vote, and am pleased to recommend three candidates; Gary Slagel and Bob Townsend. I know them well and because they have been a blessing to the City of Richardson, I ask you to support them. I would also request you to support John Murphy for place 3. You may consider other incumbents for the place, they all have done a great job. For more details on the candidates:

And don’t miss another opportunity to meet the Mayoral Candidates for the City of Dallas.

Dallas Mayoral Candidates Forum
Monday, April 30, 2007
6:00 PM Dinner
6:30 – 8:30 PM Forum
Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber Office

RSVP required, please contact Thuc Vu at Asian Chamber. Phone: 972-241-8250 or or Lely White

You also could contact: Dr. Zeming Lu at 214 882-0494, Dr. Frank Wang at 972 365 4422, and Dr. Jiahuan Ding at 972 352-0829 or

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