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Bush responsible for deaths?

If you don’t call for the cease fire now,
you are responsible for every death from here on!
An appeal to Bush, Rice, Olmert and Nasrullah.

Mike Ghouse July 4, 2020 dated August 2, 2006

The following hypothesis is based on Foreign Secretary Jack Straw’s condemnation of the role of imperial Britain in the Colonial era. His comments were broadcasted on BBC and are preserved on its website, the script is posted below this article, and you are welcome to read the article before your read my prognostication.


July 4, 2020. Washington D.C. The Secretary of State of the United States of America Ms. Good Heart makes an unconditional apology to the people of Palestine, Lebanon and Israel for America’s barbaric silence in the Middle East crises of July 2006. She would acknowledge that the administration could have prevented the massacre of 2,000 Civilians comprising 1,700 from Lebanon, Syria and Palestine and 300 from Israel.

She further apologizes for their silence in reducing a million people to poverty and homelessness and blames Israel, US Administration and Hezbollah during 2006 for their cruel inhuman bombardment in Lebanon and Israel.

The Secretary of State would further blame the 2006 administration for deliberately delaying the cease-fire and aiding Israel to kill more people. She would add that Bush and Rice could have averted the massacres on July 20, 2006 at the count of 300 civilian’s dead; 75 from Israel and 225 from Lebanon and Palestine.

The US administration and Israeli Government decided that they needed to butcher at least 5000 people and wipe out Hezbollah to teach the Arabs a lesson, so they would never raise a voice against the Almighty democratic empires. Their calculation included 3000 Lebanese and Palestinians civilians, 1500 Hezbollah and Hamas activists and 300 Israeli Soldiers and 200 Israeli Civilians. They wanted to make sure that they bombed and killed Children to wipe out the future rebels. However if the number of Israeli soldiers and civilian casualty goes beyond that point, both the US and Israeli administration agreed to call for the cease fire.

In Tel Aviv, the Israeli Prime Minister does not hold his emotions any more and amidst' sober commemoration of Lebanese Holocaust, repents the holocaust his predecessors committed in July-August 2006.
The Israeli Prime Minister further accuses his predecessors for knocking the peace out by holding 900+ Palestinians without charges and massacring the 1200 children and women (of the 2,000 civilians) for return of two soldiers. And he forgives the Americans and Israelis for their arrogance and belief that Gunpowder solves the problems of the world and he condemned the myopic view of Washington and Tel Aviv in 2006.

The Palestinian and the Lebanese Prime Ministers in a joint statement regretted the civilian deaths and condemned the arrogance shown by Hezbollah of their God's commandment and were equally responsible for the destruction of 2000 Civilians along with Israel and the United States.

The leadership of Hezbollah and Hamas send their apologies to the Israeli Prime Minister for the massacre of 500 Israeli Civilians.

In Jerusalem, the Christian, Muslim and Jewish clergy issued a joint statement forgiving their predecessors for using the Christian Armageddon and Rapture theory to justify killing God's own people, Muslim misunderstanding of their faith to kill the Jews, and the Jewish abuse of killing the civilians to justify the promise land in their faith. The clergy further condemned the abuse of religion to kill other humans in the name of Abrahamic faith involved in the July-August 2006 conflict. The clergy concluded that none of the evil leaders in July -August 2006 had the permission from their God to do the wrongs they did.

It is extremely sad that our leaders are so short-sighted. In the name of peace they are bent on destruction. I pray that God gives them the sense to understand that God is almighty and not Gunpowder and the holder of such powder. I hope these guys go to their respective places of worship and understand that God does not like their arrogance.

God does not like any one of these hypocrites making a mockery of him. (Her or it)

- The whole world is one family: Hindu
- To save a life is like saving the whole humanity: Judaism
- To kill a life is like killing the whole humanity: Islam
- Love thy neighbor, forgive the enemies
- Similar good message are in all religions.

Dear Leaders of the war, at least listen to what the world is saying for Christ's sake. Our policies are going to isolate us more and more. God only has to forgive our arrogance. Every one is mortal: our President, Israel’s Prime minister, leadership of Hezbollah and Hamas, you and me are all going to die. Why destruct the world and massacre the civilians? Why do we have the arrogance that others have to listen to what we tell them, if not we will burn them.

My appeal to President Bush is to become a Nobel Peace Prize winner and share it with Secretary Rice and Prime Minister Olmert, but first stop this blood shed at once. If not, the world will remember that he; Secretary Rice and PM Olmert and President Bush were personally responsible for the murder and genocide of 1600 + Civilians. The deaths could have been avoided had they jumped on the chance to stop the massacre at 400 deaths.

Dear Mr. President, Ms. Secretary and Mr. PM:

If you don’t call for the cease fire, you are responsible for the deaths of the Civilians above the 400 number already dead. The only people who are rejoicing this are cold blooded heartless souls; please don’t be a part of them.

God is almighty; you and I are humble and equal mortals in the grave.
Peace will come and I hope you summon your goodness and call for cease-fire.
Please value life.

Mike Ghouse
3928 Brazos Dr
Carrollton, TX 75007.
British Empire blamed for modern conflicts

Jack Straw said serious mistakes had been made

The UK Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, has blamed Britain's imperial past for many of the modern political problems, including the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Kashmir dispute.
"A lot of the problems we are having to deal with now - I have to deal with now - are a consequence of our colonial past," he said.
The Balfour declaration... again, an interesting history for us, but not an honourable one
Jack Straw
In an interview with a British magazine, the New Statesman, Mr Straw spoke of quite serious mistakes made, especially during the last decades of the empire.
He said the Balfour Declaration of 1917 - in which Britain pledged support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine - and the contradictory assurances given to Palestinians, were not entirely honourable.
"The Balfour declaration and the contradictory assurances which were being given to Palestinians in private at the same time as they were being given to the Israelis - again, an interesting history for us, but not an honourable one," he said.
The odd lines for Iraq's borders were drawn by Brits
Jack Straw
Mr Straw acknowledged "some quite serious mistakes" in India and Pakistan, jewels of the British empire before their 1947 independence, as well as Britain's "less than glorious role" in Afghanistan.
'Odd' borders
Mr Straw blamed many territorial disputes on the illogical borders created by colonial powers.
He mentioned Iraq, the region which was governed by Britain under the mandate of the League of Nations after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War I.
"The odd lines for Iraq's borders were drawn by Brits," he said.
And he said the British Government had been complacent about Kashmir at the time of Indian independence, when it quickly became the most contentious issue between India and Pakistan.
'Sensible statement'
This is not the first time Mr Straw has made controversial remarks about British history.
In the past he has blamed the English of oppressing the Scots, the Irish and the Welsh.

Members of the main opposition Conservative Party accused Mr Straw of undermining British foreign policy, particularly in Zimbabwe, where President Robert Mugabe has justified his campaign against white farmers as a way of righting the wrongs of colonialism.
But Downing Street said Mr Straw's remarks were "a sensible statement of history".


BBC's Diplomatic correspondent Barnaby Mason says that Mr Straw's critical remarks about British colonialism would be unsurprising coming from virtually anyone else.
Such views have been commonplace across the world and among left-wingers in Britain.
Our correspondent said 30 years ago, Mr Straw used to be an outspoken left winger himself.

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